Mon. Jan 3rd, 2022
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    Lock-stake and vesting-stake are types of special stakes that exist alongside the regular one.

    Lock-stake is a bet that any participant transfers to DePool and blocks it there for a certain period. The amount of the stake is divided into logical parts, which are gradually unlocked after the end of the withdrawal period. At the end of each such period, the unlocked part of the funds is returned to the wallet of the one who made the stake, and the amount of the reward increases the main stake of the beneficiary. 

    Vesting-stake is a bet that a participant can make to any beneficiary, divided into logical parts. At the same time, unlike a lock-stake, the bet is not transferred to the beneficiary in whole, but in parts at the end of each withdrawal period. But just like in the lock-stake, the amount of the reward from this part goes into the main DePool bet.