Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
    Liberty, Equality, Free TON

    Third Place in the Free TON Positioning Essay Contest. Author — Sonia.

    Probably no one will deny that the Internet has traveled a remarkably long way, started as an ARPANET, and eventually became a worldwide infrastructure. And initially, it was conceived as a kind of cornucopia, a cyber reality with a huge capacity of prospects and freedom.

    Things, however, have quickly changed

    Like so much else in our bizarre time, the Internet has become largely commercialized and, besides, politicized.

    Governments and corporations have taken advantage of the Internet by making it the best leverage you could only imagine. It appeared out that targeted advertising, loss of privacy, and fear of hacking has also become characteristics of the Internet on a par with those mentioned in the first paragraph. What’s worse, if earlier we dreamed of joining this magic world, now online services are trying to pull us in so that we can play our roles: to buy a product, change our opinion in a way which will play into somebody’s hands, and, of course, click the “share” button.

    corp giants
    corp giants

    In theory, we have a limitless digital world, in practice, we have only the illusion of choice. And the problem is not in the Internet itself but human greed.

    Most online services are now under the control of a small number of tech giants, which leads to complete centralization. Maybe, it sounds like a good idea to store all the information safely in one place. But what would you say if this information is your private life, which is passed into the hands of advertisers? Personal life is no longer personal, it is the property of a global society.

    Nothing is too big to fail

    We can safely assume that centralized systems have a predictable lifecycle. As the platform evolves, it gains more and more users, without even allowing for the possibility of competition. Independent developers are coming to realize that building on top of a centralized platform is a lost cause. And such a monopoly leads to stagnation. The system does not develop, becomes less secure, and eventually collapses.

    platform relationship
    life cycle

    Long forgotten old

    It may sound strange, but the future of the Internet lies in its past. To get over this situation means to return to the origins. In the beginning, the Internet was decentralized, and this is exactly what we need. Decentralization is primarily about creating favorable conditions for choice by giving up a unique data storage location that is artificially linked to the service.

    Free TON: what is it and what’s it for?

    free ton

    Free TON is a blockchain project of the new generation. It’s fast, secure, and scalable like nothing before. All computers in the blockchain network store all information published in this network, it is like a “superserver” designed to host and provide different services.

    TON is the blockchain platform on which Free TON is based. It is itself a collection of blockchains of blockchains. And it wasn’t even a typo. Different kinds of blockchains allow processing millions of transactions per second. You should understand that the generally accepted standard is only dozens of transactions per second!

    The main distinctive features of TON:

    1. Different blockchain types: masterchain, workchains, and shardchains (2D-blockchain)
    2. Infinite Sharding Paradigm (“bottom-up” sharding: a huge number of “account-chains”, each describing the state and state transitions of one account, and sending value-bearing messages to each other to transfer value and information. These “account-chains” are grouped into “shardchains”).
    3. Dynamic sharding — its function is that a shard can be automatically subdivided into two shards if some formal conditions are met, and also merged back together.
    4. Instant Hypercube Routing, which enables to deliver and process a message created in a block of one shardchain into the very next block of the destination shardchain.

    At first glance, this may seem quite complicated for a beginner, but, in short, the above points make Free TON one of the most promising platforms today.

    It is also worth noting that the TON Blockchain uses the Proof-of-Stake approach, which means that there are no famous “miners” in the usual sense (alas, no more mining memes).

    Here people become validators and spend computing resources on storing and processing tons of blockchain requests and data. And unlike the approach “Proof-of-Work”, it is a more decentralized system, despite the fixed number of validators. Mining new blocks involve a huge amount of computing power, which not everyone can afford. Thus, new blocks are created by just a few people, while it is not possible with “Proof-of-Stake”.

    Free TON allows you to store all information absolutely confidential without the possibility of data loss. Actions based on Free TON work without intermediaries, which has a positive effect on the time of operations and their security. A separate operating system TON OS is also being developed. Free TON not only has its own cryptocurrency TON Crystal but also supports working with other cryptocurrencies. Of course, Free TON has many more interesting features, but let’s stop here.

    Free TON is much broader than you think

    Let’s drop for a moment the technical component and cut to the chase.

    We all have the right to choose: to surf the centralized Internet, obey general trends, and ironically joke that phones are watching us. OR to use an alternative that is offered to you on a silver platter.

    Free TON is just the alternative that users have been dreaming of. It has already united and continues to unite people to achieve a common — creating free confidential space. This is a place where your voice means something and self-expression is welcome. This platform gives each participant the same set of starting opportunities. You don’t need intermediaries to do anything. Thus, you are only responsible for your actions.

    community free ton

    To stimulate the community, involve the young blood, contests are held in various directions: marketing, go-to-market strategy, core network features, and so on. If you take a place in one of the contests, you can get a reasonably fair reward in the local currency — TON Crystal. There is no bias here, only the clarity of the token distribution.

    As for me, a person who previously did not know what blockchain and cryptocurrency are, Free Ton has become the very idea for which I want to work, update my knowledge, improve skills, and believe in a bright future. Join our community even if you don’t know anything about it. You will quickly find your feet here; I speak from personal experience.

    In the end, I want to say, Free TON is a direct embodiment of the next step in the development of the Internet. Although a lot has been done, this blockchain platform still has a long way to go. Free TON will not be able to work on its own, for its development requires human resources. If you are still interested in this topic, do not be a passive participant, let’s unite under a common slogan “Liberty, Equality, Free TON”.

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