Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    TON Labs CEO, Cyril Paglino, Interview

    Several months have passed since Cyril Paglino joined TON Labs as the CEO. We asked him to share his impressions of working in the team, as well as his opinion on the development of the Free TON project and new partnerships with Dunе Network.

    Cyril Paglino, CEO TON Labs
    Cyril Paglino
    • How did you decide to join the project?

    I saw the launch of the blockchain in Q2 2020 when I was browsing the market, but started to pay deeper attention while chatting with the TON Labs team. Was very impressed by the approach which is different from other Gen1 and Gen2 networks. The truly decentralized DNA, partnership/contests organization, and network performance motivated me to dig deeper and join the TON Labs team in a few weeks.

    • Could you share your impressions of working with the TON Labs team? Is this similar to your previous experience?

    It is for sure different, as every experience is kind of unique. 

    The TON Labs team is very impressive, and in terms of skills, if not the most talented in the industry.

    They have been working relentlessly since TON Labs creation, keeping their focus and objectives in mind. It’s a pleasure to be part of this collective effort.  

    In addition, the decentralized aspect of the team, which they had before Covid, allows for better talent scouting and also creates this unique experience, very zoom oriented.

    It is a new feeling for me to work every day with a team that I’ve never met physically. Weirdly, we all feel like we have known each other for years, after just 3 months, spent hours per day in videos and chats.

    • What are the advantages of Free TON over other cryptocurrency-related projects?

    As mentioned before, the main advantages are DNA, fully decentralized in creation, performance far superior to the market, and the fact that there is no foundation or centralized entity to accept/support any project through grants or financial assistance… It feels like more than a fully open source project with all the benefits that come with it.

    • Is there something in the project that needs to be corrected, revised or otherwise changed?

    Of course, it needs to develop; there is nothing perfect and final in such a project. 

    Projects are here to evolve. Even if the product fits the market, Team A needs to constantly rethink and work on how to evolve and change things. Look at Facebook, Uber, Instagram. They have been changing stuff on their product every month since creation and will continue to do so.

    On Free TON, the UI/UX of sub governments, forums and websites, which are part of the overall sexiness of the project, needs to be enhanced in the future.

    Free TON value proposition and unique properties need to be more visible for new users/developers/journalists/entrepreneurs. It is one of the most important topics among many others.

    • The community has recently partnered with the Dune Network. You have experience with this team in The Garage project. In your opinion, how will Free TON benefit from platform integration?

    I indeed think these are very positive things.  

    If you step back and look at it from a broader perspective, Crypto is part of the tech industry. In this industry, over the decades, countless small great product and engineering teams raise early financial rounds, develop their product, but fail to achieve mass market adoption and therefore their business goals. 

    Still, these teams have some notable assets/qualities:

    • Strong product & engineering skills.
    • Knowledge & experience in their field as they spent years trying to crack it.
    • Existing dynamics and the ability to work faster together as a team (which is extremely valuable).

    It is in such cases that acqui-hiring takes place as larger companies see great opportunity and value in integrating a small/talented/experienced team. It’s more or less the Dune’s position today.

    The Dune Network is built by OriginLab, a strong and senior team of researchers and engineers, with a deep understanding of the space, years of experience in protocol core development and blockchain tooling. Plus, they have the ability to work together as a team and produce high-quality code in a short time frame thanks to team cohesion.