Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022
    Galaxy Online, Free TON

    We decided to complete our review of Galaxy Online with an interview with its developers. We hope that the author of the comment to the review — “never mastered the game” — will return to it with new strength.

    • What was the idea when you created the Galaxy and did it have any connection to the no longer existing Battlestar Galactica?

    No, the idea is not borrowed from Battlestar Galactica. Games have nothing in common.

    In a nutshell about the formation and creation of the game. Initially, we created mini-games like Battleship. We did not have grand plans, but there was an idea to create a large-scale strategy. 2 months after the release of our mini-games, we saw they are not very popular. And then we tried to experiment with the space strategy.

    We found a suitable Galaxy of Drones game on GitHub, of which there is nothing left at this point. And in 3 months we launched a demo project to see how interesting it would be: a space strategy linked to the blockchain.

    And we got an encouraging result: people are interested in it!

    But it was an Open Source game — full of bugs. We were constantly updating it. In the process, there was an opinion that we need to create our own project — completely unique and independent. So we grew out of that game. It was “Player versus player”, and we wanted to do “Player versus many” and “Many against many”, including clans, corporations, cooperative battles, supports.

    We have been working in this direction for a year and a half or two. We’ve been working specifically on Galaxy Online for a year and a half. The game has passed and outgrown many stages.

    We believe the main achievement is that the game is created in cooperation with the players and for the players, and not as usual: the developers are on their own ideas and determine the vector of the game.

    • Explain how the players affect the game?

    Our gaming community has a high average IQ. People in the crypto community are mostly IT industry specialists. Programmers, those who make videos, and related specialists, the “digital people”, are playing.

    They help us not only with testing (we have CBT servers for this) but also with making suggestions during the game. For example, on usability, down to some basics to make it more interesting to play.

    Now we are trying to introduce NFT into the game, presale has already been launched. For example, commanders, artifacts. These are real NFTs that will be used in the game. We want to make it interesting so that the commanders can be, for example, stake, lease. There are many cool ideas in this direction.

    To do this, we have private chats that players join. These are the people who do not just play our game, but live it: together with us, they develop plans, strategies, and determine the vectors of development.

    In the future, we want to decentralize and upload the game on GitHub. We want to do this by the end of this year. We want to see our players in the role of developers. And gradually to do so that the gaming community influences the game development and its promotion.

    • How many gamers does your gaming community currently have?

    The number of registered accounts has already passed the 2,500 mark. And the number of active players can be seen on the main page. Those who have not played for a month are excluded from this number, placed in a kind of incubator. The achievements of such a player are saved, so when they return to the game, they lose nothing.

    • The project gives the impression of a large-scale one. How many members of your team are involved in the development of the game?

    The main core is 6 people, but they periodically have assistants — 4 more people.

    • You have several blockchains: Free TON, NEAR, and others. How do you build communications and provide technical interaction?

    Back to the history of the game.

    We have redesigned the game model to multi-blockchain. Every race is a blockchain. Race players are real blockchain players. We wanted to connect a lot of blockchains to the game. For players of different races to fight, compete, and make the gameplay interesting. 

    We started with TRON. The players of this blockchain asked to create their race. And so we got 2 blockchains: Minter and TRON.

    We spent a long time working out the relationship between them: the common market, flights, how not to ruin the economy. We had to consider that some players are highly ranked and others have nothing. We have been improving on two races for a long time so that now we don’t have problems when connecting beginners.

    The Free TON blockchain joined us next. We connected Free TON with other intentions: we planned close integration, the use of smart contracts, and other blockchain tools.

    What can be implemented on Ethereum and TRON, the Free TON blockchain allows to do cheaper and easier.

    First of all, we expanded the game content. Before the New year, we launched game quests. Game quests — cooperative capture and defense of quest points. Those who fulfill the requirements of this point are rewarded. Rewards are not only in-game values but also payouts in TON Crystal and other tokens. All this is done based on the Free TON smart contract.

    The Free TON smart contract randomly selects the coordinates where two pirate stations appear. They are spread evenly over time for all galaxies. The server part monitors the status, that is, which players completed this quest first and “pulls” the smart contract to reward. The smart contract sends us the balance of the player’s game account.

    • Every person who wants to play must have an account in some supported blockchain and a wallet?

    That’s the way it used to be, and we dropped it. Now it is enough to have a Telegram account because registration goes through a Telegram ID. We do not collect any player data, we do not even know the phone number. The person clicks the Log in button with the Telegram ID through the app and allows the site access.

    After that, the player will be asked to register in one of the races, so you can have an account in each of the races.

    Playing for multiple races is pretty hard. Usually, people prefer a different principle: one account — one race.

    We also want to make authorization through TON.Surf.

    • Is there only a browser version of the game?

    As of today, yes, but we want to release versions for iOS and Android. Technically, we have everything for this, only the budget and people are not enough. We are looking for both. We want to launch the mobile version as soon as possible because many of our players play through the browser on a smartphone, and this is extremely inconvenient.

    • Which blockchains are easier to work with and which are more difficult? These are purely technical aspects: TRON is less flexible, and Free TON is more? And what about NEAR?

    It is easier for us to work with those who have better-described documentation and who have it working.

    Because we often find that something is described, but it doesn’t work yet.