Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

    Ivan Kotelnikov: developer, member of the Free TON Developer Experience SG.

    Source: Moveton on Medium

    What did you do before Free TON? What are your competencies, skills and education?

    Before Free TON, I was an employee of Most of my competencies are computer science and programming. I also have some management skills. I am an information security specialist by education.

    Why are you in Free TON? Why Developer Experience SG?

    From the very beginning, I have been closely watching the development of TON and the news about it. Therefore, the news about the launch of Free TON did not pass by, and I immediately supported this initiative. From May 28, 2020, our MOVETON team has been taking part in all possible areas of network development.

    Tell us how the SG is doing. What do you personally do in this SG? Are you working on a task on your own or with someone (with whom)?

    Basically I am engaged in the development of contests that are in my competence. And, of course, I, along with my team, participate in some of them.

    In the SubGovernance, we do everything collectively. On weekly calls, we make decisions and then vote on them. Further, depending on the task, certain competent people help to write contest proposals or make different decisions, etc.

    What has already been done: what tasks have been completed, in which contests have you taken part and what are the results?

    Together with the TON Labs SDK team, we held a contest for the development of the SDK, in which 21 high-quality applications were submitted. Also, with the help of Boris Ivanovsky, a contest was developed to design a debugger for TON smart contracts. This contest is currently active. I invite all developers to take part in it!

    Have you already participated in any contests of this SG and not only this? If so, in which ones?

    • Yes, the first one I participated in was about AirDrop design.
    • Helped colleagues to participate in the Magister Ludi validator contest.
    • Participated in the SDK development contest.
    • Also in the development of smart contracts.
    • In addition, I would like to mention that my wife also took part in the essay contest and won prizes there.

    What do you like about your SG team (qualities of your colleagues that you noticed during the work)? What, in your opinion, is lacking in it for a well-coordinated and more enjoyable work?

    I like:

    • Alexey Novikov’s meticulousness with which he asks questions, his persistence in proving his opinion on various issues.
    • The way Marina Gurieva moderates all our discussions.
    • Guys who speak less, but do more: Andrey Falaleev, Mitya Goroshevsky and Dmitry.
    • In general, we have a very constructive team that finds a common solution, consensus without any problems.

    What would you like to learn and implement in Free TON the most?

    I would like to study the specifications of the Durovs, to fully understand them. Contes s help a lot in this matter.

    At the moment, I want to increase my competence in writing smart contracts, since this is the main direction for developers.

    Who is a high-class example for you in any field? Who would you like to work with?

    For me, the top 2 people in SG, with whom I would like to work more, are Boris Ivanovsky and Marina Gurieva. Because Marina Gurieva shows the cool skill of a facilitator, a person who simplifies processes, moderates discussions. As for Boris Ivanovsky – it’s … it’s just … everyone knows who Boris is 🙂 I just have no comments! (Who does not know, they will soon meet him in the next interview. He is a very valuable and irreplaceable member of the community. – Ed.)


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