Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
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    To understand how profitable it is to invest your funds in farming, you need to study the APY — the annual percentage yield. Let’s give examples of how much you can earn by farming on the exchange and compare it with others.

    Profit from farming is evaluated not only by the annual yield of APY, but also by the risks of investment.

    You can choose potentially high-yielding farming with an APY rate of 100-200%. Of course, next to high-yield comes a high risk of depreciation of your investments.

    Another diametrically opposite tactic is farming on well-known platforms of the Ethereum network with pairs of well-known tokens, including stablecoins. Then the earnings are about 15-25% per annum, but the risks are minimal. offers farming with a yield from 50 to 180% per annum on average. The numbers dynamically change depending on the fullness of the liquidity pools.

    Yield on

    Let’s analyze the pairs offered on the first Free TON exchange and compare their yield.

    1. The USDT – USDC pair gives 59% per annum (the data is indicative, the rate is constantly fluctuating, like the other data in this section) and is the lowest for farming on this exchange. However, the risks are also low, because stablecoins have a stable exchange rate, linked to the dollar, about $1.
    2. The WTON – WETH pair allows earning 95% per annum, which is high earnings for this kind of application. But at the same time, the investor risks because of the depreciation of both TON and ETH.
    3. The WTON – WBTC pair is similar in yield to the previous pair – 105% per annum, risks from depreciation are also present.
    4. LP token UNI is a WTON — USDT pair, but invested in a Uniswap liquidity pool of the Ethereum network provides the highest yield to its depositor of about 150% per annum. In this case, investing in the pool is more difficult and involves paying the Ethereum high fees and transferring tokens using the bridge.

    You can learn about all the possible farming pairs on the Free TON first exchange on the farming page.