Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Grandbazar Marketplace

    After a while, we return to the Grandbazar platform by the development team, the winner of the NFT marketplace contest, to get a closer look at the characteristics and benefits of the platform, process of creating, buying, and selling NFT.

    Registration And Getting Started

    A special feature of is that users can share and create NFT without interacting directly with the website. NFTs are stored in the user’s TTW (TON Token Wallet), which the marketplace does not have access to. Buying and selling NFT is done using the smart contracts of the platform.

    Registration on the website is done using a Google or GitHub account. Then you need to connect an electronic wallet with TONs. If the ExtraTON extension is installed, the system will automatically determine the wallet address and link the address to the account.

    Grandbazar features a simple and intuitive interface.

    At the beginning of work with the marketplace, the user is offered to read the beginner’s guide. The Help Center section contains step-by-step instructions on how to open a wallet using the ExtraTON extension, and then register on the Grandbazar platform.

    Creating And Selling NFT On Grandbazar

    For authenticity of description, we will create the first FreeTON House magazine NFT token. 

    We are registered and have a wallet, the author’s work is taken care of in advance. As the latter, by the way, can be an image, GIF, audio/video clip, 3D model.

    How To Sell NFT

    Let’s begin. Click Create, thereby calling the form for filling.

    Upload the file — ancient Greek inscriptions in the Free TON language.

    The file size must not exceed 20 MB.

    Click Create Collection and Grandbazar offer to choose a logo, title — and optionally — a description of the collection.

    We give our work a title and description. And finish the creation of our NFT by clicking Create Item.

    The platform takes a fee for minting its own NFT and asks for consent to withdraw the coins.

    The next step is to open the champagne. That’s all… FreeTON House has taken possession of a non-fungible digital artwork.

    We click on our NFT and, without blinking an eye, we put the result of sleepless nights for sale.

    It can be done for a certain price or by sending the lot to fly with its own wings, ie, putting it up for auction. Realizing that 100 is “robbery in broad daylight”, we decide to sell the NFT for 95 TON. Click Put On Sale and fill in the Price field.

    Grandbazar charges user fees for listing NFTs for sale.

    Click Sell. Now you can not only admire our NFT token, you can buy it. Which is what we suggest you do.

    How To Buy NFT

    To purchase NFT on the Grandbazar Marketplace, click Explore.

    The opened NFT list can be sorted by price and time of token’s appearance on the platform. The search is configurable by type of purchase — fixed price or auction, and by product categories — Gif, images, video.

    Once you have decided on the object of desire, click on its image.

    Information will be displayed with a description of the selected work, its price, information about the creator and owner of the NFT token.

    If everything suits you, click Buy Now and the NFT token will be added to the account of the new owner.

    Grandbazar: Far-reaching Plans

    From the moment of winning the contest, specialists do not rest on their laurels but improve and develop their product. Within days, the auction mechanism was improved. In the future, the creators of Grandbazar plan to develop the platform in the following areas:

    • integration with TON Surf
    • implementation of the user notification function
    • development of a blog on the site with information about top sales, seller ratings, and articles about earnings on the platform
    • creation and distribution on social networks of high-quality and reliable content about the platform
    • cooperation with media personalities
    • implementation of a reward system for active platform users


    The emergence of the decentralized NFT marketplace on the Free TON blockchain allows community members to distract themselves from all-out farming and staking and admire the beauty, of course, also for money.