Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
    Governance 1.1 Free TON

    Free TON has updated the Governance 1.1 platform. It allows active members of the Free TON community to make decisions by participating in contests and voting on proposals. The updates have affected the interface and some operational functions. The developers noted that in order to establish a process of self-organization and development of the community, work on Governance will constantly continue.

    What’s new added:

    – data loading time is displayed;

    – the process of observing the course of voting and its results has been improved;

    – overall and average scores, as well as other parameters have become active features;

    – the distribution of votes is displayed;

    – displays the number of voted jury;

    – mandatory feedback from the jury has been introduced for the distribution of awards.

    The primary task for the team now is to build a working model that would take into account the geographic factor and areas of possible use of Free TON. This is exactly the direction that the developers are going to force by developing the Governance platform. New participants are constantly joining the project. They are attracted by the reputation of the founders, the transparency of all internal processes, as well as the principles of decentralization of the Internet.

    The developers are already announcing the launch of Governance 2.0, a platform that uses Smart Contracts for governance and implements the principle of decentralization within the network.

    The rapid development of decentralized governance on the Free TON platform is becoming decisive for many investors, since people prefer to invest in projects whose ideas coincide with their life principles.


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