Mon. Jan 3rd, 2022
    Free TON Governance

    Recently, there have been frequent voices about the need to evolve the Free TON management system. For a comment on possible upgrades, we turned to Ivan Kotelnikov, a member of the Developer Experience SG.

    The information provided below is the personal opinion of Ivan Kotelnikov, as a member of the Free TON community, in which he does not claim to be the ultimate truth.

    “Just a group” and “Jury group”

    Subgovernance in the current sense will disappear, and it will be replaced by the concepts of “group” and “jury group”. 

    Any member of the community will be able to create a group, add a like-minded person to it, and together they will discuss the issue they are interested in on their forum section. Then they will be able to offer the community a contest. In order for this proposal to pass, it will need to be put to a vote by the community.

    The voting mechanics are simple: 1 token = 1 vote. Accordingly, only resonant proposals that are useful to the community will be approved by voting. After acceptance of the proposal, the contest automatically starts in accordance with the terms specified in it. A certain amount of tokens is fixed for it. It’s similar to Kickstarter, but with competitive mechanics, because everything goes through contests.

    Who will judge?

    There will not be such a thing that someone with all seven or ten people will comfortably sit on a piggy bank with coins, choose a jury and vote. 

    The contests will be judged by global jury groups: a separate group of juries of each topic for each topic. Expert groups can be combined into “jury groups“ and the ”just a group“ that holds the contest adds to this competition ”jury groups” that will evaluate the applications.

    The applications will most likely also be judged according to the principle — one group — one vote.

    Such a system is much more resistant to corruption and collusion. Only associations of professionals and teams that are really capable of something will be able to adapt to it. Because the environment will be highly competitive. I think some new version of management will appear before spring.

    We thank Ivan Kotelnikov for his opinion on the future of the Free TON management system. We are waiting for spring — the time of updates and changes!