Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022
    Galaxy Online, Free TON

    Galaxy Online is the first game in which different blockchains interact, and players can become a team member of each of them.

    The developers promise to introduce real NFT tokens into the game in the near future, and already now successful players can receive TON Crystal on their account for victories.

    Galaxy Online: The Essence And Goal Of the Game

    Initially, the game developers planned to create a space strategy based on the Minter blockchain but later redesigned the game model to a multi-blockchain.

    Galaxy Online is a massively multiplayer online strategy game with a live economy, in which each playable race is a separate blockchain and the players of the races are members of the blockchain community. Races have their galaxies, guilds, corporations, clans, alliances, space stations, and play under the blockchain flag. The creators of the game plan to allow each race to choose the game role of their team by voting.

    The open world of the project is a single map with endless space, on which the galaxies of all connected blockchains and developing races are added.

    The goal of the game is competition between races, in fact, between blockchains. The blockchain whose community will be the most united in outer space will eventually rule the universe. At least in the game.

    Galaxy Online: Player Possibilities

    Conquer planets and developing occupied territories, mining minerals, improving skills and technologies, building a space fleet, trade with other players, war, blockades of planets and space stations, looting, cooperative play in guilds, corporations, clans and alliances — this is just part of what gamers can do in the game.

    In the strategy, the players themselves extract and produce most of the game resources and values:

    • energy;
    • solarium;
    • modules;
    • spaceships;
    • planetary buildings;
    • parts for motherships.

    Resources and values of more developed players are in demand in the in-game market and are sold for tokens and cryptocurrency. The main token of Galaxy Online is Stablecoin Credits (CRE). They can be bought at the rate of 1.1-1.2 USDT and sold at any time for 1 USDT.

    There are many roles available in Galaxy Online. Those wishing to earn money can set up their trading network. Participants with ambition can develop their community or make game investments. Those looking for simple entertainment can try on the cocked hat of a galactic pirate and rob caravans.

    Registration in the game

    You can start playing at any time, you just need to register and complete the tutorial game — “Galaxy Academy”.

    1. On the Galaxy Online home page, click Log in.
    2. The login window will appear. Here you can choose between two options: log in via your Telegram account or your NEAR ID. We take the first path.
    3. In the next window, we allow the game to take our data from the Telegram account by clicking Accept: name, username, and avatar. The phone number is not available to the game site.

    How To Start Playing

    After authorization, the player can choose their race-team. The assigned game name (from Telegram) can be changed by entering a different one. We, of course, choose Free TON and click Start a game to enter the tutorial game.

    Read the user agreement, game rules, privacy policy, and user support center rules. After making sure that everything is clear, we rush further — Play.

    But not yet into battle. Let’s get a look at what awaits us in the Galaxy Academy training course: 168 hours of non-aggression mode and up to 3 weeks of training with players of our level.

    If you enter the promo code of the player who invited you to the game at this step, you can get 5 million energy and 5 solariums.

    You can enter the promo code later. Click I agree.

    Choose a free planet from the available ones.

    And we get into the training game! Then it all depends on your skills and patience.

    The gaming industry is a great way to learn something new. In the game Galaxy Online, you can not only relax but also earn money on your balance. To do this, the team needs to be the best, and its players need to be more united. You can discuss the game and share secrets on the Telegram chat, and watch the video presentation here.