Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
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    On the Free TON forum, the authors were invited to tell the stories of their blogs. I will gladly tell my story. I will omit the technical points that I described in the proposal for the contest, and tell you how I started blogging and assembled a team. I skip the technical details and move on to how the blog started and how the team got together.

    From the background. I recently became a mother for the second time. My previous experience helped me organize my time in such a way that it would be enough to search for new opportunities. Since I worked in a publishing house as a system administrator, I began to look for new opportunities in a similar area. After searching the Internet, I focused on cryptocurrencies and blockchain. More precisely, I chose Free TON. It attracted me with its novelty, the idea of freedom and its developers. Of course, we can admire Musk, but I want to support ours, for example, the Durovs.

    I was just interested in the topic of Internet 3.0, when I suddenly found out that the Free TON community had announced an essay competition. I armed myself with a laptop and pencils (a habit from my student years – to bite them, plunging into creativity). In just an hour, I came up with an essay. By the way, without even having time to use pencils. I submitted my essay to the competition under the nickname katemama and received 7.47 points for it!

    The fact that my essay was chosen delighted me. I was constantly monitoring the Free TON forum for announcements of new contests. And finally I read: Blogs! Submit blogs about Free TON to the jury! Great, I thought, but I can’t do it alone, I need a team! And I began to “infect” my friends with the new idea.

    Sending out links to the community to journalists, I began to receive feedback in the form of “we won’t succeed, we don’t understand anything about this, this is a different universe”. Actually, a normal reaction from journalists who wrote about cooking, traditional medicine, orchards and vegetable gardens. But I managed to convince them to try it.

    I took over the technical issues of the blog, editorial duties, translator and designer leadership. In fact, I immersed myself in working with my head. And all this together with my duties as a young mother.

    Thinking about the blog format, I decided to follow these rules:

    • only original content in clear language;
    • design in the style of the Free TON community;
    • all articles in Russian and English, and in the future in others;
    • selected videos from AMA sessions.

    Of course, I could have done with the help of an English friend to post articles translated from English. But there was an irresistible desire to create my own product. So, while developing the concept of the blog, I had to chew on a lot of pencils.

    At three o’clock in the morning, I loaded the blog (FreeTON HOUSE) and submitted an application. But I sat and looked at it for a long time and thought about what could be improved. Members of my team shared similar experiences in the Telegram chat. And then I went … no, not to sleep, but to wake up and pack the eldest son to school. And I thought about how great it is that my children will someday use the Internet 3.0, and in their wallet there will be some Crystal TON earned by their mother.


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