Sun. Jan 2nd, 2022

    For the first birthday of Free TON, which will be celebrated on May 7 in Moscow, the FREETONSHOP store has announced a seven-day marathon.

    Three marathon winners will become the owner of the FREETONSHOP merch.

    Recall that FREETONSHOP is the only store today where you can buy clothes and souvenirs with the official Free TON logo. Worldwide delivery!

    Tasks will be published in the store’s telegram channel from May 1 to May 7 at 13:00 (MSK), or 10:00 (UTC). It is recommended to complete tasks within 24 hours after the publication of each, but the main requirement of the contest is to have time to report on all tasks before midnight on May 7.

    Want to take part in a marathon?

    1. Join the store’s telegram channel.
    2. Keep track of the published daily tasks and complete them. 
    3. Post links to the chat with the results of your work and the corresponding hashtag.

    Between you and me: one of the tasks will be related to FTH — Free TON House.

    Important! In the case of a large number of participants who have completed all the tasks perfectly, the store can increase the number of prizes.

    Blitz with Svetlana Rotarash

    FREETONSHOP founder explained:

    The main goal of the marathon is to promote Free TON outside the community. On our behalf, we connect several partners and attract new ones who have not previously had any relation to the community. 

    What awaits the participants of the marathon? For seven days they will perform various tasks such as write comments, do reposts.

    The more people will take part in our marathon, the more attention we will attract to Free TON and the more benefit we will bring to the community!