Wed. Jul 28th, 2021

    DeBot technology makes end-to-end decentralization when working with Smart Contracts. DeBot is the ability to create user-friendly interfaces for working with targeted Smart Contracts on the blockchain. At the same time, one target Smart Contract can have several DeBots.

    They were created to simplify the process of achieving goals for users on the blockchain. At the same time, the security that this technology necessarily guarantees is not compromised.

    Starting from version 0.1.20, the multi-platform TONOS-CLI command line interface can be used as a DeBot browser, i.e. execute DeBot contracts and analyze responses using a protocol.

    DeBot technologies made it possible to integrate FreeTON with DEngine

    DEngine is one of the 2D game engines that allows physics simulation and level editing. Usually DEngine is used as an engine for creating real-time strategies – 2D RTS. It provides good opportunities. To build worlds, it uses backgrounds, tiles, and actors. You can use animated sprites, you can work in Microsoft Visual Studio, and you can edit content using XML files.

    The DEngine engine allows you to use a library of graphical user interface (GUI) controls, and to use artificial intelligence with the Ant system (from Ant Financial – owner of the Alipay wallet) for control.

    The engine uses FarseerPhisics to simulate physics.

    Additional DEngine benefits

    Users can edit level maps in a convenient window, because there is a built-in Windows level editor, and you can also connect mini-maps and create large locations. DEngine is freely available, in accordance with the FreeTON concept, and is suitable for creating 2D RTS with various capabilities.


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