Sun. Feb 28th, 2021

Freeton.House Team

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The Freeton.House website was launched on September 21, 2020. Our team took 3rd place in the Free TON Blog Contest. We tell you about Free TON in three languages: English, Spanish and Russian.

Our Team:

Vitaly Romanov @vitalrus, Russian language Editor

Natalya Hatkevich, English language Editor

Olga Gonzales @olga_fth, Spanish language Editor

Ekaterina Malisheva @ KateMama1, Author and Content manager.

Vitaly Belko, Programmer

Jan Marfel, Designer

Ekaterina Tereshkova @kate_fth, PR specialist

Viktor Safronov, Author

Evgeny Krasinsky @ekrasin, Author and creator of the blog (2nd place in the Free TON Blog Contest). Joined the Freeton.House team on 23 November 2020.

Our Mission:

The development of the Free TON project should be widely publicized. We have created an information platform that is designed to become a bridge between the world of blockchain technology and everyone who wants to get into it.

We are proud that Freeton.House is developing along with the Free TON blockchain. We feel connected with each other in real time. Being just at the beginning of the road, we are confident that success lies ahead, and we will achieve it together. The Freeton.House team will fulfill their commitment to building blockchain media with enthusiasm and a high professional level.

Our official Telegram channels: @fth_en, @fth_es, @fth_ru

Chat for discussion: @fth_pub

Contact us: [email protected]