Sat. May 15th, 2021

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About Free TON House

Free TON House (FTH) — is a media resource that covers the news of the Free TON project from various angles: from an overview of events and guidance on the use of network resources to explaining technological solutions and providing opinions of community active people and groups.

In addition, news related to the world of the decentralized Internet is also covered.

FTH magazine is a periodical since November 2020.

  • The editorial office of the magazine has 15 employees, including managers, analysts, authors, editors, translators, designers, technical workers and PR specialists. 
  • Various types of materials are published: reviews of contests and community events, new services and products, user guides, analytical articles, interviews, as well as short definition articles explaining technical terms to a wide audience.
  • There is a fast news service.
  • Materials are published in 4 languages: English, Russian, Spanish and French. 
  • 90% of all publications are dedicated to the Free TON project.
  • Members of the Free TON community are involved for expert interviews, commenting and analytics.
  • The achievements of the information partners of the FTH magazine — development teams, groups and community projects — are highlighted.
  • Publications are posted on social media: Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn channels and groups.
  • The team of the magazine takes part in the community’s life and the events of the Free TON project: contests, discussions on the forum and in groups.
  • Free TON House magazine has a unique design and brand.
  • 60+ articles per month
  • 600+ articles in total
  • 2000+ new users monthly
  • 5300 users since November 2020
  • 100% organic traffic
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Editor-in-chief: Dmitry — @YellowHatTaoist
Release editor: Vitaly — @redct0r
PR Manager: Ekaterina — @Kate_FTH
Spanish-speaking countries: Olga — @Olga_FTH
French-speaking countries: Alexandra — @Sasha_FTH


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Email: [email protected]
Channels: English|Russian|Spain|France