Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
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    Startups invited to participate in the TON Swap farming program

    TON Swap — DEX, built on the basis of the proven mechanism of automatic market making. The exchange already has several active pools with double and even three-digit APYs, as well as a good selection of swap coins.

    TON Swap team has announced the launch of an incubation program called the Crystal Handshake. All startups that use the Ethereum blockchain, but want to try the possibilities of Free TON, are invited there.

    The program for startups is aimed at attracting strong teams, which in the future should give a multiple growth of the entire network, as well as increase the code base, which will reduce the threshold for entering the blockchain for developers. This is definitely a confident step towards the development of the network.

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    Rangers Protocol launches Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible testnet

    Rangers Protocol has opened its testnet to users, aiming to provide an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible solution that supports cross-chain contract interoperability.

    In a Friday announcement, Rangers Protocol said it had successfully migrated its first DApp to the testnet, which went live on July 19. The project migrated an Ethereum-based lending protocol, BlueStone, to the testnet, a move that Rangers described as “smooth and developer-friendly” given its Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, compatibility.

    Of course, the launch of the protocol in testnet is a positive event, but it is necessary to make sure that it works successfully, which quite often causes various kinds of problems. Such news tells the community about the constant development of blockchain technology and the DeFi industry.


    Uniswap Labs Limits Access to Some Tokens

    Uniswap Labs is restricting access to some tokens, including tokenized stocks and derivatives on the protocol interface that it supports, the software development studio said in a blog posting Friday.

    The news comes days after U.S. regulators’ announcement that they would increasingly scrutinize these types of decentralized finance products.

    The information field in recent months indicates the intention of the US regulator to dive into the DeFi industry and learn to understand it from the point of view of the legal field for the introduction of new regulations and, possibly, restrictions.