Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    DeFi Alliance, Free TON deploys its Ethereum Virtual Machine chain testnet

    The chain testnet allowing projects built on Ethereum to transfer over to its ecosystem from chains compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine is now live.

    In a Tuesday announcement, said it had launched the testnet for its Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, chain called Cronos, running in parallel to the chain.

    This is great news, the development of cross-chain solutions benefits the entire crypto community, especially when it is implemented by giants like


    Grayscale sets sights on institutional DeFi fund

    Michael Sonnenshein, CEO of digital asset management giant Grayscale, has announced a new investment vehicle for the firm targeted at decentralized finance assets.

    Sonnenshein announced Grayscale’s planned DeFi Fund and Index during an appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Detailing the purpose of the new product, the Grayscale CEO said the fund would offer exposure to DeFi assets, such as Uniswap (UNI) and Aave, for its institutional clients

    Financing DeFi through not only direct investments in the project, but also the creation of specialized venture and hedge funds moves the industry forward.


    Harmony announces $1M hackathon aimed at merging traditional finance and DeFi

    The Harmony blockchain has opened registration for a hackathon starting next month with more than $1 million in seed funding and prizes for participants.

    In a Thursday announcement on Twitter, Harmony said the hackathon would be focused on bringing in more people from traditional finance for challenges bridging their fields and decentralized finance. The protocol said there would be four challenges in each category of social wallets and keyless security, cross-chain and trustless bridges, and cross-border with fintech integration.

    The summer and autumn of 2021 promise to be full of new events for developers and other specialists in demand in the DeFi industry, as the influx of capital into the market opens up new opportunities for projects to attract highly qualified specialists, developing the industry further.