Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    Influencers Subgovernance

    The Free TON community approved the creation of a new subgovernance of influential people and opinion leaders — the Influencers Subgovernance.

    The goals of the new project are similar to the focus of other subgovernances: popularization of Free TON all over the world and increasing user interest in the blockchain. However, the important thing is that the promotion will rely on key figures in the media and crypto industry.

    The founders believe that people who are famous in their circle are a potential opportunity to popularize the blockchain among new users. Therefore, the team is going to attract influencers who have their own audience and authority in various industries.

    Main Tasks and Lines of Activity

    The main tasks are related to the following activities:

    • attraction of influential bloggers, opinion leaders: 100 most influential people of the crypto industry. As well as cooperation with influential people in other industries: their search, drawing attention to cooperation, negotiations, support, etc.;
    • conducting various contests and campaigns to encourage the community and attract new influencers;
    • attraction of experienced developers, as well as new users who will massively use Free TON products.

    As you can see, it is planned both for a specific promotion with the help of influential people, and a standard one — contests, attracting developers and users. The program is developed for a period of one year.

    Roadmap for first step of implementation

    • Jury selection contest, December 10 — December, 16
    • Proof of Love campaign, December 21 — December, 30
    • Influencers program contest, December 21 — January, 21
    • Best use case suggestion and implementation contest, January 2021
    • Dao Maker — Free TON social mining launch, First quarter 2021
    Community Feedback

    The proposal received a lot of positive feedback on the Free TON forum. Some community members claim that team members have proven themselves well in other projects, and therefore their initiative has good prospects.

    Also, there were comments about the too wide range of proposed activities and the lack of description of specific ways to attract influencers and increase the number of users.

    Thus, the new Subgovernance has started, and soon we will be able to see practical actions to implement their plans.


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