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    Free TON Video

    For the Internet, the year ending in 2020 has certainly been a year of rapid growth in video content. Including due to the transfer of activity to the network due to the pandemic.

    Today, video materials on the web are the most important element of promotion. Until recently, Free TON could not boast of strong and stylish video presentations, and to solve this problem, the community held a contest for the best video presentation of the blockchain.

    According to its terms, the work had to perform educational and advertising functions. In a two-minute video, you had to present the Free TON project — its history, features, and plans.

    Basic requirements for video:

    • Quality is a must!
    • Creativity is desirable!
    • Virality is perfect!

    New rating system of the contest — in accordance with the wishes!

    86 works took part in the contest. The level is very different — from the sketches of a novice amateur to the cool animation of a team of professionals. The deadline for submitting applications was limited to two weeks, so participants had to work at a furious pace. It is all the more pleasant to see so many high-quality and creative works.

    In previous contests, there were several suggestions to differentiate the rating system. And in this contest, we have already seen a new approach that has established a link between the level of difficulty, the average score and the amount of reward.

    rating table
    rating table

    The difficulty level of this contest is 8. Accordingly, the winner with 9.06 points gets 40 thousand crystals. And further down the list. The amount of remuneration depends not on the place in the standings, but on the average score. This innovation allowed more participants to receive awards, which is good news. For example, this time the prizes went to everyone who scored three points or more — and this is more than forty participants!

    Let’s do without intrigue — let’s start from the first place

    So, the winner of the contest — 1st place — №4 in the list of applications is a user under the nickname «pugamuga». The only one who scored more than nine points — 9.06

    Great animation with a stylized themed stickman.

    1th place

    Here’s what the winner himself says about his work:

    «I made the video in the traditional style of Free TON, adding a little bit of myself — I think this complements the overall impression and makes it more memorable.

    The main problem of such video presentations is boredom, lethargy and unattractiveness. Therefore, I focused on the dynamics, juiciness of the image and the history of the project (since stories are the most interesting to watch).

    It is impossible to describe the history, project structure, and main advantages in 1.5 – 2 minutes. Then you need to choose something catchy, or something that explains.

    I have been working for more than 2 years on a large YouTube channel (37 million subs) — which just specializes in explaining various phenomena and telling stories.

    If the community is interested in this, you can create a project that tells about the world of blockchain in the same accessible way, of course with an emphasis, examples and advertising of Free TON».

    2nd place — №41 from the user «papsan» — 8.50 points

    The style of Free TON is maintained. There are several original moves in the design, a play with a glass texture. This is what allowed the video to break into the number of favorites.

    2th place

    3rd place — №21 from the user «michael_kabanov» — 8.43

    High-quality video, there is nothing to complain about. Despite the author’s criticism during the discussion, this is a well-deserved high place.

    3th place

    4th place — №43 from the user «val6666» — 8.25

    The video has exceeded the time threshold of 15 seconds. But, apparently, the judges decided not to find fault with this single violation of the set parameters. Everything else is on top: dynamism, high-quality montage, ease of presentation. From the remembered moves — visualization of the exchange of tokens.

    4th place

    5th place — №42 from the user «val6666» — 7.33

    Many members of the jury liked the hand-drawn stylization. A consistent narrative harmoniously complemented the picture.

    5th place

    6th place — №83 from the user «diezu» — 7.33

    It is worth noting the original idea — to design crystals in the style of the games «crystals three in a row». It looks attractive and at the same time works as a prescription — «That’s genius, because it’s so obvious».

    6th place

    7th place — №78 from the user «danoneo» — 7.23

    The original solution is to tell the story of Free TON as a dark fairy tale, stylized as The Lord of the Rings. Deliberate pathos causes a smile, and the visual series does not let go until the last second.

    From the jury’s comments: 

    “Wow, a uniquely hypnotizing work. I like this idea”.

    7th place

    8th place — №13 from the user «knyazev_platon» — 7.15

    The scheme, which is typical for many other videos, is also present here: a portrait of Pavel Durov, a clipart, the style of an electronic guide.

    8th place

    9th place — №7 from the user «Motion Factory» — 7.12

    Perhaps the most extraordinary video of the contest. Its informativeness is questionable, but by the end of the video you already want to dance.

    From the jury’s comments:

    “Really cool stuff! May not explain a lot, but the guys risked to be different. Already shared it among friends”.

    9th place

    10th place — №24 from the user «maria_romanova» — 7.12

    Dynamic presentation, but without voice-over, which reflected on the final assessment.

    10th place

    Decent works from the outside of top ten

    №22 — a story about two brothers who planted a seed-crystal, but the villain broke the tree… Excellent design, all in one breath. According to some judges, the plot will be incomprehensible to the uninitiated in the history of Free TON. In our opinion, the hint is quite transparent and encourages you to take an interest in history.

    №29 — another work with a secret. Its strengths are a dynamic change of frames, design in bright colors, lack of pathos and ease of presentation. One detail especially hooked: as if by accident, one of the heroes of the Free TON Virtual Character contest Fritz gets in the video. This unobtrusive promotion of your concept is a good example of a systematic approach.

    №65 — the video in isometric graphics is perceived fresh compared against the background of most works. Guys played a little with the reading. It feels like they have been creative for their own pleasure.

    In the opinion of the editors of FreeTON HOUSE

    It so happened that we liked the videos not so much high-quality as original. Our mini-rating of creative works looks like this:

    1st place — without a doubt, №7

    Mesmerizing slightly melancholic stylish Synthwave single. The most viral work of all.

    2nd place — №78

    An epic story with dwarves is the highlight of this video.

    3rd place — №4

    Great work. We simply have no complaints about the winner of the contest.

    A little bit of criticism

    What participants should pay attention to:

    1. In the heat of the design drive, many missed the basic components of a successful presentation. Some even forgot about the names, others are not bright and memorable enough. Without them, even the coolest videos immediately disappear among others.
    2. For such videos voice-over is very important.
    3. The font in some works is almost unreadable.

    The modest charm of judging

    The public opinion rink went through the judging again. This is already a tradition of creative contests. 

    The day before the end of voting, only two judges voted around noon. According to observers, they are the workhorses who did all the hard work, sifting out obviously weak and inappropriate materials for the contest.

    Let’s compare:

    Two members of the juryAll members of the jury
    Video № 4 — 8 pointsIn total — 9.06 points
    Video № 41 — 7.5 pointsIn total — 8.50 points
    Video № 21 — 8.0 pointsIn total — 8.43 points

    It can be assumed that many participants in the voting looked only at those works that have already scored high points. Not the fact that this happened, but, you will agree, the temptation was great!

    At the same time, conscientious judges receive the same remuneration as those who took their analyst as a model.

    Figaro here, Figaro there

    Another point around which the discussion at the forum flared up was the participation of judges as authors of works. The fact is that judges have such a right. This is not prohibited: according to the fair play rules, the participating judges refrain from voting on all entries!

    Everything said will be used against you!

    Once again, the community was outraged by the judges incorrect comments on the contest entries. The forum voiced a request to analysts to deal with the unethical behavior of some members of the jury.

    «How is that someone can mock and ridicule some really original work done by some of the community?

    Sure we can all see a lot of people trying their luck with some below average submissions… but surely this person can treat everyone with a bit more dignity, respect and withhold immature comments and degrading statements?»

    However, it is worth noting that most of the comments addressed to the jury are encouraging and positive.

    In general, the judges look like cheerful and positive guys who understand the contestants, and at the same time do not forget to indicate where to grow.

    For example, a comment on the winner’s video:

    «Excellent work, subconsciously liked it without considering the required points, perfect. Add a contacts in pdf next time!»

    Or the judge’s comment on the application № 24, which took the 10th place:

    «I like the graphics, there are advantages of the project. But the video looks unfinished, because there are not enough accents, a lot of shots are so overloaded with information that you do not have time to read and understand what is being said. Try reading the story from the sheet, while turning on the video.»

    According to the comments, it is clear that many judges not only determined the best, but also tried to encourage participants to participate in future contests.

    Don’t stop, move on!

    The winners are determined, the crystals are distributed, what’s next? The most important thing! That’s what video presentations are for. The most creative videos will spread across the network, become part of the presentations and, of course, attract new users.  

    Perhaps the contest should be repeated and diversified. For example, the Synthwave music video inspires the development of a musical direction. The hint of a casual game with crystals is also worthy of attention. In short, it was interesting, but it will be even more interesting?!


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