Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
    Free TON, Contests

    The fast-growing Free TON community has been eagerly involved in the distribution of crystals through contests. You can simply participate in them, or you can offer your own idea of the contest so that others can participate. These ideas can be the most incredible: sometimes funny, and sometimes absurd.

    TOP 5 Free TON Contests That Did Not Exist

    5th place. Perpetuate Free TON in poetry

    Despite the fact that all Free TON contests are related to both creativity and creation, some community members wanted even more. They suggested perpetuating the name of Free TON in poetry and stories.

    Imagine how the jury would judge such a thing:

    Captive-bred young Free TON
    Spread out the crystals and jump out the window

    And those who are not friends with rhyme, could declare their love for Free TON in a dance or a song.

    3rd-4th Place. Plush Free TON: Incredibly Cute

    In order for the recognition of Free TON and TON Crystal to skyrocket, the guys from Belarus (judging by the flag on the avatar) offered to hold a contest of soft toys with the logo of the network.

    A great way to attract DIY fans to the community. There is also no doubt that many young Freetonians users would have earned their first tokens during school labor lessons and immediately spent them in the buffet. Well, the prize money would be a good addition to the pension for the needlewoman grandmothers.

    A sex doll is also considered a soft toy if it is poorly inflated.

    Contest for children aged 5-12 — Free TON Kids Artists. How could community members not accept such a contest, were they never children? The author put his soul into the description:

    We were all children once, and don’t deny it! And we all played toy shop in the sandbox, and instead of money there were leaves from the trees. We bought candy wrappers and sold sand cakes, and it was exciting. Plucked a bigger leaf and you’re already rich.

    You are callous in your Free TON, and the children needed crystals instead of leaves.

    2nd Place. Oh, I Really Wanted to Drink!

    On the eve of 2021, an announcement of the Alco-quest appeared on the forum. The competition was intended to add popularity to Free TON among a specific audience of alcoholic beverages.

    The point of the quest is that all participants are divided into bartenders and drinkers. Moreover, the bartender must still prove that he is worthy of the title.To do this, it was necessary to send a photo or video presentation of a bar-like location from your life in real life. This is good, but what photos would be needed to confirm that you are a drinker? From the police station?

    The rest is simple. Pouring a glass or two, the bartender earns himself crystals, and anyone who wants to drink — gives his tokens.

    The developers of the application have estimated their work at 200,000 TON Crystal and promise to launch it by March-April 2021, regardless of the approval and the fact of payment. We can say that they are so inspired by the idea of an Alco-quest that they are ready to create it for free.

    Developers have no one to drink with? Contacts of our editorial office on the main page of the site.

    1st Place. Jurisdiction of Freetonia

    Just six months after the launch of the Free TON blockchain, the idea of its own country, Fritonia, began to float in the air. The idea was expressed on the forum by one of the participants, Ivan Velikorodov.

    The country would not just be somewhere, but on the island. And it wouldn’t be just some army, but a decentralized one. It was offered to spend no less than 10 million TON Crystals on this madness.

    In response, Mitya Goroshevsky, TON Labs technical director, suggested spending 10 million tokens on a spacecraft construction and sending Ivan to the Proxima b star. The other members of the community immediately developed the idea of ​​building a rocket and the possible costs.


    We hope that the ideas of fun contests will continue to appear on the community forum. First of all, even the most unexpected sentence may contain a rational grain, and, secondly, it is extremely fun to describe them!