Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Free TON, Subgovernances

    Why does Free TON need national subgovernances, what was the purpose of their creation, and why was the proposal from the Vietnamese community representatives accepted by the community?

    In March 2021, a Vietnamese subgovernance appeared in Free TON, and we were able to talk to an initiative member to shed some light on the internal processes of blockchain.

    Free TON National Subgovernances

    The Free TON community consists of members of many nationalities, with different knowledge and abilities. The most active members of the community make their proposals for new contests and partnership agreements. This is how the Free TON blockchain develops, through contests and partnerships.

    For key sectors of the ecosystem, subgovernances have been created and are operating: DeFi, SMM, Analytics & Support, Web&Design, NFT, DGO, DevOps, Dev Experience. National subgovernances stand separately. Why are representatives of a large number of countries are Free TON members, but there are only a few national subgovernances? By what principle are they formed and for what purpose?

    The emergence of a national subgovernance is a logical continuation of the activity of members of one country or continent. At any time a proposal can be made at the forum from its members to form some kind of national subgovernance. It specifies the goals of subgovernance, the amount of funding needed from Free TON, and the abilities of representatives of a certain national group. Only the most promising and clear proposals are put to the vote, and the best ones are accepted.

    In a discussion of the creation of such subgovernances at the Free TON Forum, Ron Millow, Chief Business Development Officer of TON.Labs explained:

    Yes there are a few country sub-govs like Korea, China and Latin America (Mexico for the time being); however, this is strictly due to their very specific cultural norms in which they are essentially, to some extent, economies unto themselves. They have certain customs and language barriers that preclude them from being able to participate globally, for example, having certain apps blocked in China, or social customs that are idiosyncratic to Korea

    Currently, Free TON has the following national subgovernances: Vietnamese, African, Korean, Chinese, Indian, French, Turkish, Mexican, Japanese.

    Basically, the activities of the national subgovernances have the following goals:

    • to disseminate information about Free TON within their country or region through chats, influencers, and media resources
    • expanding the base of community members and users 
    • community integration with national companies
    • implementation of Free TON solutions and innovations at the state and other levels. In Vietnam, for example, the Ministry of Education records education certificates in a blockchain database.

    Vietnamese Free TON Subgovernance: Why Its Creation Is Beneficial For Free TON

    There is no legal regulation of the cryptocurrency market in Vietnam, and this is a good sign. Often the laws on cryptocurrency and its use are very strict, in fact, tokens are taboo: they cannot be owned or exchanged for fiat currency. Such tightening measures in China led to a significant drop in the rate of most cryptocurrencies in May 2021. Of course, there are also examples of countries introducing cryptocurrency into the life of their country, as El Salvador has done.

    In proposing at the forum the creation of a Vietnamese subgovernance, the community member emphasized the interest of a large part of Vietnam’s 90 million population in cryptocurrencies.

    He described his team as people with 10 years of experience in the cryptocurrency field — crypto enthusiasts, investors, developers, traders. Relying on their knowledge of local customs and mentality, they promised the following in the proposal:

    To promote mass adoption of TON Crystal within the target audience relaying core values of decentralized governance of Free TON.

    Telegram channels, chats, and private trading groups with over 1 million users were listed as tools to achieve their goals and intentions. After discussions on the forum, a proposal consisting of two stages with reporting after each stage was accepted.

    During the first stage, it was planned to form a subgovernance jury, create and fill the site, groups, and pages in social networks. The second stage included working with the Free TON blog in Vietnamese, creating educational materials in video format, establishing contacts with the local press, and other activities.

    The total amount of funds requested is 316,000 TON Crystal.

    Conversation With Vietnamese Initial

    The Vietnam subgovernance initial, Tien Doan, shared with us his vision of why subgovernance appeared, spoke about the community work and the subgovernance abilities.

    First, he explained that Vietnam ranks 3rd in cryptocurrency trading after China and Singapore on such popular exchanges like Huobi, Binance, Okex. A large number of decentralized system developers and crypto enthusiasts are concentrated in the country. The lion’s share of information dissemination comes from closed Telegram channels dedicated to cryptocurrency trading and blockchain in general.

    When asked how he and his colleagues learned about Free TON, Tien said:

    My colleague Maxim told me about Free TON. I was very interested in the project, and I studied it. The Vietnamese community was formed by me and my colleagues about 5 years ago, so we had no trouble later on organizing the Vietnamese subgovernance out of it and attracting new members to our group. The fact is that we are the opinion leaders in the Vietnamese crypto community.

    According to Tien Doan, there are currently about 5,000 members in the Vietnamese Free TON community. It is planned to attract up to 20,000 new members in the coming months through training videos and work with the community.

    About how the initiative to create a Vietnamese subgovernance in the Free TON community emerged, Tien told the following:

    Understanding Free TON’s technological advantage over other blockchains and its prospects, we decided it was necessary to structure all information about Free TON into one accessible array in Vietnamese. Of course, there was a need to organize a community with different skills and experiences.

    At this stage, the daily work of Vietnamese subgovernance members consists of translating news articles and posts from official channels, editing video content, training employees, organizing community members, and preparing and holding contests.

    Despite the amount of work done by subgovernance, the community still lacks an understanding of the many features of Free TON. Therefore, according to Tien, it is necessary to show the Vietnamese the difference between the usual speculation with cryptocurrencies and long-term investments in promising technologies, to help everyone find themselves in the opportunities that Free TON gives.

    The subgovernance has an understanding that it is necessary to do as many simple training videos and offline seminars as possible. Work in this direction is already underway.

    Our interlocutor called,, our Free TON House magazine, Twitter, and Telegram as the main sources of information from which the community gets news about the Free TON project development.

    Tien revealed to us the secret of how the Vietnamese community contributed to Free TON winning the Staking Rewards vote by organizing a large number of votes in a short time:

    Vietnam subgovernance initial members are the owners of the largest closed cryptocurrency trading group (Chợ Dân Chủ), as well as the owners of a telegram bot that serves the most popular cryptocurrency and blockchain trading groups. With these resources and our reputation in the market, we were able to promote among over a hundred thousand participants in a short time and secure the number of votes for Free TON to win.


    Blockchain is a database that is stored simultaneously on all the computers of its users. Therefore, the more users the blockchain has, preferably in different geographical locations, the higher the security of its data.

    The growing number of active users in Vietnam can help spread Free TON to other Asian countries, which is beneficial and interesting for all members of the community.