Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
    FREETONSHOP, Free TON, TON Crystal

    Crystal holders could spend their tokens in FREETONSHOP for almost six months if they wanted. Let’s go shopping as well. The current assortment, terms of payment and delivery, prices — all this is in our review.

    All In One: Chatbot And Shop

    To get to the store, you need to follow the link or enter the bot’s address in the Telegram search engine — @FREETONSHOP_bot.

    The chatbot is presented with a simple and intuitive interface.


    The chatbot in a greeting informs that you can pay in the store only with crystals, all products are branded, orders from 100 TONs are delivered free of charge throughout the Russian Federation, and orders over 250 TONs are delivered worldwide. Some items on order — up to 14 days.

    The main menu is at the bottom of the chat. To place an order, go to the “Catalog” section, select the desired product and place it in the shopping cart. After the shopping cart is filled, it remains to pay for the order and wait for delivery.

    Free TON Everywhere And On Everything: Let’s Look Into The Catalogue


    All FREETONSHOP products are decorated with community branding. What is available for purchase now?

    The products in the catalogue are divided into the following categories:

    • Pokerton
    • Hoodies
    • Shirts
    • Caps
    • Gifts
    • Coffee

    With a few purchases, a true fan of Free TON ideas can almost head-to-toe identify their involvement in the growing community.

    We Can’t Say A Without Saying B: Prices In FREETONSHOP

    Shopping in the store will cost a pretty penny, or rather, crystals. For example, the most affordable product right now is a deck of cards — 8 TON Crystals.

    And then the abyss:

    • shirt — from 54 TONs
    • cap — from 40 TONs
    • hoodie — from 79 TONs
    • mug — from 25 TONs
    • socks — from TONs
    • coffee — 42 TONs per 1 kg

    Features Of The Account Section

    In the main menu in the “Account” section there are four subsections:

    • My certificates
    • Referals
    • Topup balance
    • Settings

    At the moment, only “Top up balance” is fully functional in the English version. In the “Settings” subsection you can select the language: Russian or English. And “My certificates” and “Referals” are not configured at all.

    Order Payment Options

    After the selected items are in the shopping cart, you need to pay and complete the order.

    Order payment options:

    1. Top up your account.

    This can be done at any time, even if you have not yet decided on purchases. In the main menu, go to the “Account” section, select “Topup balance” and specify the amount. After these actions, a message will appear with the address to which you need to send crystals and a comment (must be left).

    To pay the bill, you can go directly to TON Surf, the icon of which is below, or use any other Free TON wallet with crystals. After the crystals are credited to your account, purchases after the formation and confirmation of the order can be paid in one click.

    1. Buy crystals using Chatex chatbot.

    To do this, in the main menu section, select “Don’t have TONs?” and “Go to Chatex”. Buy TON Crystal using the Chatex bot — easy and convenient. Crystals will appear in your wallet, from which you can later pay for the order.

    1. Registration and payment of an order from your wallet.

    When the items are in the cart, it remains to go to the “Orders” tab in the main menu and check the product in the basket and place an order, satisfying the chatbot’s curiosity: specify the recipient’s full name, delivery address and index. The last step is to double-check all the details of the presented invoice and pay it from any wallet with crystals. And don’t forget the comment.

    FREETONSHOP: Delivery Is Free, But There Are Nuances

    Initially, in the greeting, the chatbot promises free shipping from a certain purchase amount. But there is no way to find out which service is delivering and waiting time.

    It is not clear how much to pay and whether it is necessary to pay at all for the delivery of goods, the receipt for which is lower the “magic” amount.

    The main menu also has a “Help” section, where questions of interest were asked. We asked — there is still no answer after a day.


    FREETONSHOP founder Svetlana Rotarash answered the questions that we had after visiting the store:

    • Are you planning to expand the assortment list? If so, what products?

    We plan to expand our assortment with new positions: stationery, appliances, as well as new prints. But basically, the assortment will occur through the conclusion of new partnerships and the creation of special (thematic) positions for them.

    • How many customers have already received the order?

    At the moment, we have sent more than 200 orders.

    • What changes can be expected in the store in the near future?

    New partners and their merch will be introduced soon. Also soon, our store will feature digital products tied to the NFT token, and the ability to put up your products (physical and digital) for sale through an auction.

    • Will the interface change anytime soon?

    Our interface has only recently been updated. There is a system of certificates and the ability to invite a friend and get bonuses.

    • Will there be an intuitive address selection when placing an order?

    We plan to introduce this feature, but so far we have encountered technical difficulties and as soon as they are resolved, the delivery will be updated.

    • What service is the delivery of the order. In what time frame will it be/is it possible to change the delivery address after order confirmation?

    At the moment, we make delivery by the Russian Post Service, EMS, CDEK and are constantly looking for new partners to reduce the cost of delivery. The delivery address can be changed by writing to the administrator in the bot. If the product is available, the order is sent within 48 hours.

    • Uncover the principle of calculating and spending of bonuses.

    Bonuses will be awarded for invited friends, and it will also soon be possible to receive bonuses when buying products. You can spend bonuses to pay for an order, up to 50% of the amount.