Tue. Jan 4th, 2022
    Free TON roadmap

    There is a roadmap on the Free TON project website. This is a document that briefly describes the entire path of the platform’s promotion in three main stages: “Raging Bull”, “Rumble Fish” and “Fight Club”. The task of the roadmap is to present in full the documents that make up the “specification” of the original TON protocol.

    In the TON blockchain, which was developed by Nikolay Durov, there were gaps in the implementation of the node. Since the development of the project was stopped before Telegram had time to implement the entire volume of the declared characteristics, its completion became the first priority of Free TON.

    Mitya Goroshevsky, as one of the Free TON members and CTO of TON Labs, stated that the completion of the development of the original TON is a commitment taken by the Free TON community. Getting the job done will require the involvement of many community members. The goal is set and clear. The commitment is clear.

    To achieve this goal, Pruvendo, a leading provider of formal verification technology, has joined the Free TON community. This was announced on June 9 by members of the Free TON community during their weekly stream.

    According to Pruvendo co-founder Sergei Egorov, traditional approaches to reducing the number of errors in the network are only partially successful and cannot completely eliminate risks such as the loss of significant assets.

    Sergei Egorov cited as an example public cases when millions of dollars were lost or seriously risked: the $ 50 million DAO scandal, as well as the case with Parity, when $ 150 million were frozen. Such colossal losses, when it is no longer about millions, but billions of dollars, occur annually due to unpatched software flaws. Therefore, Egorov noted, it is necessary to use formal verification based on rigorously tested mathematics: “Just as theorems are proved, it is also possible to prove that software works as intended.”

    As Mitya Goroshevsky noted, most modern blockchains prefer to develop their own domain languages (DSL). This is justified by security goals, but they are difficult to use and slow down the exchange of technology. Therefore, Free TON abandoned this idea.

    Mitya Goroshevsky stated that from the very beginning Free TON decided to use existing high-level languages such as Solidity, C and C ++. Pruvendo is the ideal solution as it verifies smart contracts written in these languages while providing equal or better security. Pruvendo’s solution will be used to validate Free TON smart contracts, as well as validate parts of the blockchain itself, including the TON virtual machine and the consensus algorithm.


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