Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Free TON, Free TON rebranding, Alexander Filatov

    Last week, the co-founder of TON Labs Alexander Filatov suggested the need to rebrand the Free TON blockchain. How did the community members react to this?

    The need to get away from “TON”

    Alexander Filatov shared his concerns in one of the community chats:

    “Folks, I have many thoughts from attending and speaking at the Messari Mainnet conference in NYC happening this week. Wealth of opportunities for us as we are getting on the global map as leaders in technology and governance. I, however, clearly feel that there is a “glass ceiling” that we are now hitting because of having TON element in our brand. Talking to exchanges, potential large partners etc. I am sensing that they are just not willing to “touch” the TON legacy with SEC story. Unfortunately. 

    The rebranding decision is obviously not easy. There are tons of resources developed in the ecosystem that have a “ton” component. But I am afraid that we will have to take that decision rather sooner than later. Otherwise we will keep hitting the “glass ceiling” and significantly limit our amazing potential. And assuming they are executed well rebrandings help to inject new momentum into projects. Plus we are planning to move to the much faster and scalable rust network, which is another reason to move away from TON. Let’s keep discussing this in the weeks to come”.

    In response, community members began to express their thoughts and ideas, and there was an active debate on the community forum and the Free TON Community Telegram channel.

    A thread was created on the forum to discuss the contest and its criteria for rebranding Free TON. The approximate reward amount was 70,000 TON Crystal.

    Although the rebranding proposal itself  echoed Alexander Filatov’s idea of getting rid of the “TON” legacy and a reference to Pavel Durov’s project, some of the discussion participants turned their attention to other Free TON components.

    Arguably, “Crystal” is a bigger problem than TON.

    First thing that comes to mind when you say ‘Crystal’.

    There were also those who liked the name Free TON and the story associated with it.

    TON is the foundation and the history. I don’t think you need to run away from her. The platform is already known as Free TON and now, in my opinion, changing the name is absolutely inappropriate.

    We are talking about changing our name to disguise our history. Which is totally unnecessary in my opinion.
    Artem Scherer

    But Alexander Filatov emphasizes that not only the name should undergo rebranding:

    It’s not just the name. We need to come up with a powerful positioning / story if we were to decide to do that.

    On the other hand, there were members who agreed with the rebranding idea and had suggested it earlier.

    In May, I suggested renaming Free TON to Laika. But since July, the name has already been taken, unfortunately.
    Alexander Sidorov

    Lets rename Free TON to Laika or something. Musk loves dogs, shills only dog-related coinz.
    Alexander Sidorov

    As a result of discussion, one of the participants created a Google form, which was offered to those who wanted to take part in the name change.

    At the end of the working week, Alexander Filatov thanked all the participants in the debate and sent the link to the document that reflected several approaches to rebranding.

    The options range from beautiful basic names to narrower technology-related names or with the prefix “Free”, the alternative is “De”:

    Folks, thanks for the support of the rebranding discussion/brainstorming. Some more options to think.


    It is not yet known how the rebranding will be organized: by running a contest with a vote of judges or in some other way. Just as it is unknown whether the name change will significantly affect the further development of Free TON, the crystal rate and the attraction of new members to the community. FTH will continue to monitor further developments.