Mon. Jun 21st, 2021
    Popusti, Gruppovina, Free TON

    In November 2020, Serbian discount and coupon sites and became Free TON partners. The cooperation program is unique in that it not only offers marketing to the community but also provides an opportunity to support Serbian citizens who are below the poverty line. Support consists of charity contributions from each purchase.

    Grupovina and Popusti — A Unified Marketplace In Serbia

    Grupovina and Popusti are the largest Serbian sites that daily accumulate current offers and discounts from partners, and then allow their app users to make good deals.

    Anyone who has registered on one of the sites, in the future receive e-mail-notification letters with discounts or go to the platform and through a search engine is looking for a certain product. There he processes and pays for the purchase and in return, he gets a check with a QR code, which he gives to the seller.

    In addition to the discount, the user receives a bonus and cashback.

    Grupovina has been online since 2010. Its current owners bought the company in 2016, and in 2017 made a deal with Popusti to merge, which happened in 2018. Grupovina and Popusti are not the only discount sites in Serbia, but they have 500,000 original users and 7 million inhabitants in the country.

    You can see the current traffic data here.

    Partnership With Free TON: Step By Step

    The main mechanism of cooperation is the distribution of TON Crystal to users of the sites for purchases and other activities. In the future, customers can use the crystals when paying for goods or withdraw them to their wallets. 

    The Serbian marketplace will also focus on Free TON in its advertising campaigns for Google, Facebook, and Instagram. And this is another way to distribute TON Crystal and popularize the blockchain. It is planned to attract influencers and place advertisements on international buses for joint promotion.

    Free TON is already in a prominent place on websites.

    In general, the affiliate program consists of several parts and involves paying for each part only after it is completed.

    1. Integration of TON Crystal into the Grupovina & Popusti system and development of a marketing strategy. The implementation period is 3 months from the date of community approval of the partnership agreement. 160,000 TONs were requested. In fact, the implementation was reported somewhat later on the Free TON forum, on April 1.
    2. Four-stage marketing in Serbia for 1.98 million TONs:
    • introduction of new and existing marketplace users to TON Crystal (3 months). The campaign started on June 1;
    • bonus offer — 3 months;
    • special offers — 6 months;
    • special bonus campaign — 3 months.

    Because of the pandemic, the distribution of TON Crystal as bonuses and cashback from purchases remains unrealized — it was decided to wait for the best moment when the restrictions because of lockdown will be removed for retail outlets at least partially.

    But in test mode, integrating TON Crystal in the bonus policy of Grupovina and Popusti has been implemented. Buyers can receive Free TON currency to their account as a cashback and when activating a gift card, and spend it when paying, partially paying with bonus TON Crystal. Crystals can also be withdrawn to the account of any wallet that supports them.

    Benefits Of The Charity Policy

    Grupovina and Popusti are proud of their high level of social responsibility. When paying, each user of the platform sees how much of their funds will be transferred by the company to charity.

    With the partnership, Free TON also contributes to the patronage: the amount of charitable contribution from each customer’s check will be doubled by Free TON, of course, the attention is focused on this point in the check.

    It is planned to donate 200,000 TONs to the charity, which will be taken from the total amount requested for the second part of the partnership.