Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

    Members of the Free TON community voted “Yes” to a partnership offer from SIGMA for a total of 135,000 euros.

    Within the framework of the partnership, Free TON representatives will take part in the international AIBC Summit in Dubai on May 25-26, 2021. The community is giving away 30 tickets for the event.

    SIGMA and Free TON — the path to partnership

    SIGMA is a large international iGaming and Blockchain event management agency. The agency holds several shows a year on various continents. Their members represent their company or idea, establish contacts with potential partners.

    SIGMA initially valued the collaboration with Free TON at 2,800,000 TON Crystals and submitted this proposal for discussion to the community group in December 2020. Many Free TON members were skeptical about the idea of spending such a large sum on marketing.

    The community changed its mind after SIGMA invited Free TON to take part in two events, adjusting the price to 135 thousand euros.

    As a result of the negotiations, Free TON will be presented to the global crypto and IT community at the AIBC shows in Dubai and Malta.

    So how do you go to Dubai?

    50 community members will be able to represent the interests of Free TON at the event and introduce their colleagues to the opportunities and benefits of the platform at the summit.

    To select the most suitable Free TON members for this purpose, a contest Tickets to the AIBC Sigma Show in Dubai (April 14-21) is held.

    Within its framework, participants need to:

    • prove your skills with awards, diplomas and certificates;
    • show your Free TON projects;
    • create a presentation of your work use case at an event in Dubai.
    • Answer the questions: “How will I stand out at the event?” and “How will this benefit Free TON?”;
    • follow COVID-19 guidelines.

    Among the important skills of the participants are stated abilities in sales or marketing, organization of events and offsite sessions. Of course, developer experience is another plus.

    The jury has already been appointed. They are representatives of TON Labs and Free TON subdivisions. The members of the jury can also be participants in the contest. Obviously, they cannot vote for themselves.

    The 30 contestants with the most points will become the winners. They will receive tickets to the event and 2,500 TON Crystal for related expenses.

    At the moment, a vote is underway to extend the deadline for submitting applications for the contest. We can’t wait to find out who will go to the summit in Dubai.

    We spoke with Ron Millow (Chief Business Officer TON Labs) about the contest

    • Who will take the seats at the Dubai Summit if the 30 necessary people are not selected as a result of the contest?

    If there are not enough people in the contest, then I guess they just sort of die 🙂 But there’s a contest date extension proposal to extend the contest until the 30th. Hope it passes. But the main booth has 4 sections: DeFi, NFT, TON Surf and a business development section called “Partnering Corner”. Those are about 20 additional passes that are going to the respective groups.

    • What are the expectations from the participation of Free TON representatives at the summit?

    Basically what we’re looking for is the best possible representation of Free TON, whether that be a use case or whatever. Basically whoever can really get people excited about the network.