Fri. Dec 31st, 2021
    Free TON Japan, Moonstake, Free TON

    Since its inception, Free TON Japan has remained active, with a couple of activities completed. First, we interviewed Junya Kato, in charge of PR at Japan SG, to learn about the recently concluded Moonstake Twitter campaign and other upcoming events.

    The Moonstake Twitter Campaign

    On August 29, 2021, the Free TON Japan held the 1st Japanese Yen Hackathon with JPYC Co. Ltd. Junya Kato, who runs the ‘Token Economist,’ a blockchain media for intermediate crypto users, mentions:

    Moonstake is among the biggest staking providers in the crypto space, with most users being Japanese. Therefore, the Moonstake Twitter campaign aimed to expand the Free TON Japan community

    According to Junya, winners received 100 TONs for every 50 retweets and likes in the first phase of the collaboration. Also, everyone responded favorably, with some participants promising to be staking their TON Crystals instead of selling.

    Free TON Community — Support to Japanese SG

    Free TON, a community-governed blockchain, fully supports community activities, primarily through various sub-governances. The Moonstake Twitter campaign was not an exception. Junya acknowledged the support they received from the entire Free TON community towards the Moonstake Twitter Campaign. He notes:

    We’re sure that we got much support from the entire Free TON community. From the middle of the campaign, the whole community got more excited. Besides, one of the Japanese SG members, who has been in Free TON for a longer time, helped steer the entire community’s cooperation

    Listing of Free TON in the Platform

    The fundamental goal of the campaign was to create awareness, show the strength of the Free TON community, and get recognition from Moonstake to ensure they list TON Crystal — the native Free TON currency – in their platform. However, according to Junya, this was not achieved due to some challenges that arose. For instance, from the airdrop, many dedicated airdrop accounts created were massively deleted by Twitter. Junya notes:

    More than 4,000 accounts were deleted! However, we expected this to happen since it’s a common thing in the crypto world, but the number of deleted accounts exceeded our expectations

    As a result, the Japanese sub-governance was unable to meet the minimum number of Twitter followers per their expectations, which thwarted the listing of TON Crystal in the platform. However, Junya alludes:

    Japanese SG is still in discussions with Moonstake regarding the listing, and we’re planning our next PR collaboration to expand the user base of booth Free TON and Moonstake

    About The Prospects of the Sub Governance

    The main activity of the Japanese sub-governance is to attract developers to the Free TON ecosystem. Junya acknowledges that the most important thing for a distributed ledger project, such as Free TON, is getting application developers. He gives an example of the iPhone ecosystem, which has succeeded due to attracting developers. To attract more developers in Free TON, Junya mentions:

    Japanese SG is holding hackathons to promote collaboration with engineers and other blockchain communities. However, it’s not practical to hold many events, such as hackathons every week

    As a result, the Japanese SG resolved to conduct a single weekly event dubbed “Blockchain Mokumoku Kai.” According to Junya, in Japanese, Mokumoku means ‘to concentrate on a task.’

    We invite people interested in blockchain to the metaverse space Mokumoku with them. We’re giving a small amount of TONs as a reward to the participants for their participation

    Junya, who runs a YouTube Channel ‘Blockchain Product Hunter JP’ (together with Yama, a representative of Japan SG), hopes that by doing so, it will attract some developers who will use TON. He also adds that the Japanese SG will continue to conduct hackathons and promote them through social media.


    It’s evident that Free TON Japan is among the active SGs. We wish them success in their future activities, and we shall keep monitoring their progress as they further develop their community.

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