Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    Global Community, Free TON

    There will be a launch of Free TON Global Community Sub-Governance. The proposal for its creation has already been discussed earlier and it was suggested that sub-governance will combine the advantages of a decentralized and professional approach.

    Specialists in various areas will become the members of Global Community Sub-Governance, who plan to develop the community through various tools, contests, programs and partnerships which are based on the principle of decentralization.

    The goal of Global Community Sub-Governance

    Free TON community has already achieved good results in promotion. Over the past few months more than 300 active people and 200 new community members have been engaged through various activities, such as the launch of contests, forum users supporting and etc. The activity and attendance on the forum has been doubled and much more.

    The new Sub-Governance aims to further promote Free TON, develop and grow an active community, develop programs and new partnerships. In perspective it is planned to ensure that the work aimed at promoting will be carried out by the community itself in all regions of the world.

    Four main directions have been chosen for development:

    • The first is aggregators. Right now there is a partnership with coingecko, coinmarketcap, coincodex, cryptocompare and other popular aggregators and services, exchanges and platforms. There are 12 of them. Negotiations are under way with multiblockchain-explorer Blockchair
    • The second direction is working with Ambassadors. Many applications have already been received from Ambassadors from different countries, who are ready to get involved in work and launch programs in their country. 
    • The third is support of Free TON on forums. Participants of the most authoritative crypto forums will be selected to assist beginners in learning of Free TON. They will also write posts and make announcements. 
    • The fourth direction is development in six main social networks: Reddit,Twitter, Medium, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. 30 people will be selected to become content creators for each of them.

    Immediate plans for Global Community Sub-Governance

    For the first month, it is planned to attract at least 1,500 new members and establish work with local Ambassadors. Next will be the launch of the first contest for the promotion and launch of a contest for the jury. This will highlight those who work effectively and can be a member of the jury.

    Before the start of the contest, the jury will include the initial members of the sub-governance. The selection of its own jury members will take place within a month after the launch of the Global Community Sub-Governance.

    The plans are interesting and seem promising. How they will be implemented, we will find out in the near future. We will monitor the work of the sub-governance and keep you updated on the new projects and the results of their activities.


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