Tue. Jul 27th, 2021
    Free TON Mexico
    subgovernance TON Mexico

    The Subgovernance is an implementation of the TON Mexico Memorandum. Its further development will be handled by initial and community members.

    After the launch of the Subgovernance, the Mexican community will announce two contests in which 15 jury members will be selected – 5 secondary members and 10 juror members.


    IN THE WHOLE CENTRAL AMERICA IS THE SECOND STAGE.The community is going to achieve full decentralization and popularization of Free TON ideas in Mexico in 3 months by investing 550,000 tokens.

    Request for tokens for the first stage:

    1st month300 000 TONs
    2nd month
    145 000 TONs
    3rd month
    105 000 TONs

    Planned activities and token remuneration:

    Community Development100 000 TONs
    Web Development
    50 000 TONs
    Partnerships50 000 TONs
    Translations50 000 TONs
    Social media & PR campaigns in Mexico
    100 000 TONs
    Mexican Jurors & Advisors
    25 000 TONs
    Free TON Academy
    25 000 TONs
    Free TON Mexico Animal Charity Fund30 000 TONs
    Fund of ideas
    120 000 TONs

    Initial TON Mexico participants:

    Hector Hermano @h_h_c

    Miguel Mendoza @miguelmdx

    Esther Giron @marshmello_girl

    Meru @meruano

    Mateo Caro @mateolaman

    Valerio Doze @valeriomendoz

    Marsel Aresso @maaaaarss

    Alejandro @mxlover

    Huan Caruso @huannan


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