Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    free ton for developers

    The essay by Maria Kotelnikova — shared the 4rd-5th place in the Free TON Positioning Essay contest.

    Nowadays everyone wants to get into IT. It created the illusion that it’s a specialty that allows you to start raking in money right away. Or, at least, to receive a stable and above — average income. At the same time, people forget about the fact that with development, as with any other sphere, you need to constantly improve and invent. Only then can you really succeed in the IT-sphere. New ideas emerge every day, so it’s important not to miss the moment when something really worthwhile comes up. 

    Before our eyes, the Internet is rapidly losing what it was created for. Our behavior and interests — our personality — are sold every second and we are used to it. In 2017, Nikolay Durov began developing the TON platform, which was created to solve the problems of the Internet. But the centralized authorities were quick to shut it down though. Collecting data, manipulating the perception of reality and the opinions of people is way too important for them. Despite these difficulties, the Free TON community launched and finalized the platform, because the technology of full decentralization is what the Internet lacks today. 

    What does this mean for developers? This flips their old understanding of building web applications. They used to rely on cloud services and thus unknowingly helped turn the Internet into a trap. With Free TON, every developer can now run applications worthy of trust. They do not need servers, they cannot be shut down, and user data is not available to third parties. 

    The services we use today can handle the load thanks to large companies like Amazon and Google. These platforms allow millions of operations per second, and this capacity comes at a high price. Attempts to free the Internet and replace the monopoly of global corporations with a progressive platform have been going on for over 5 years. In 2013, Ethereum introduced the concept of a “world computer”. Does this solve the problem? Unfortunately not. Today, Ether can withstand up to 20 requests per second, while the cost of a transaction under high load even exceeds Western Union. This is because the logic that used to run on a single computer is now running on hundreds. In an environment where decentralized financial services and exchanges are so popular and in demand, this is accompanied by ridiculous fees that nullify the positives of decentralization. The network can only return to normal with a decrease in user activity. Quite paradoxically.

    Free TON solves this problem. This is the first blockchain in which sharding works consistently. Sharding is a technology that allows validators to do less unnecessary operations and divide work areas among themselves without losing decentralization. The efficiency of the technology has been proven by Dr. Durov, and its efficiency has been tested in practice — Free TON (even in a limited configuration) can handle 60,000 transactions per second. The Free TON virtual machine is designed to work in a decentralized sharded environment — another reason why smart contracts are so fast. This speed allows you to abandon servers and already today allows you to move to the paradigm of total decentralization. 

    It may seem that all this is very difficult because TON contains the most complex algorithms and is not similar to other blockchains in architecture, but the developer will hardly notice this. You can create applications for the TON platform using widely known languages: C ++, Rust, and Solidity. 

    Today, developers and users buy tokens from project investors in order to become members of the network. But most of the coins are kept by the founders, who are interested in “exiting” and fixating profits. Free TON is open source and has no investors. Thus, 93% of coins belong to the community from the very launch and are distributed according to the principle of meritocracy. Active members of the community interested in its development receive tokens from competitions. This distribution method is obvious and truly fair. Each token has value from the very beginning because it contains the work and not the personal funds of the participants. Only those who work will receive tokens. Evolve. Don’t wait for others to offer their solution. Build a transparent, free, and fair Internet along with the Free TON community.

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