Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
    Essay on Free TON

    The Essay took 4th place in the Free TON Positioning Essay contest. Author – Marina Kotelnikova.

    When talking to people who aren’t big on crypto, I often hear questions like “Why do we even need this?” or “How can I get use out of it in my day to day life?” This is just a trend for most of them, an exotic field for investment. But Free TON is more than that. It’s an opportunity to reach a new level, a chance to reinstate freedom.

    The Internet now feels like real life, some people are high up while others are left in the dirt, so very few people feel independent. From bloggers to journalists to opposition leaders, we no longer have proper freedom. Everything we do online is beneficial to some large companies and we are used to it.

    But what exactly is the Internet? There are only 4 components.

    The first component is freedom of speech. In many countries, people cannot express their thoughts openly. They are almost always controlled by one of the service providers. TON Storage is a service that will allow you to store data in a distributed manner while making sure that only the owner of this data has access to it. It can interact with applications such as YouTube or Telegram, which requires serious resources. This is possible thanks to the innovative technology developed by Free TON community members.

    The second component is privacy. Annoying ads are a result of our data being available by default to all sites we visit. The solution to this problem is the TON proxy service, which hides IP addresses.

    The third component is payments. The Internet of Money has long been talked about – instant and secure transfers between users, bots, and services – now it is actually possible. TON Payments provide safety precautions so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your money.

    Finally, brands. Your account / website link / wallet address should be easy to memorize. If it weren’t for the TON DNS service, it would be a jumble of numbers and letters. These technologies make it possible to make the transition from a centralized controlled Internet to the Internet of the future – to decentralization. It should be noted that these services are combined with existing ones, so the transition will be smooth and not much of a hassle, not affecting the convenience of using the services as you do.

    But how are decisions made if there are no higher-ups? How to know what decision exactly would be the most beneficial for the community and how to know if this is the decision that should be made? It is basically a problem known to everybody.

    Corruption is what is most often talked about in the news, what doesn’t allow governments to evolve and stops the economy from growing. A common mechanism of corruption are grants. Organizations promote their interests through lobbying. Because of these schemes, the government becomes more and more centralized – it is controlled by mobs who only care for themselves, and not for the development and prosperity of the community. Free TON uses a competition mechanism to solve problems.

    Everyone can highlight what is missing at the moment and work out a task to get to. After that, a competition is announced (in which everyone can participate), even those hearing about Free TON for the first time. In addition to the fact that such a mechanism helps attract people – real professionals – to the community, everyone is offering their own unique approach to solving the issue. The options presented looked at by the jury – only those who bring real benefit can count on an award.

    Competition topics vary. They may not be familiar and common; not everyone is competent enough to make decisions and evaluate the work of others. In this case, regular polls will not be effective. For this, Free TON has developed the concept of Soft Majority Voting, thanks to which the winner is the one who receives the most votes among users, and not among the members of the jury.

    Does the world need Free TON? Yes, it does, if we want to feel independent again, that is. This technology must live on because this is the only way to progress. It must live, and only through working together, we can achieve more than the imposed solutions to regular issues. It must live because each of us deserves to show their talents, feel accomplished, and receive a reward for what they know how to do efficiently. Let’s contribute to the future together.

    We remind you that we are continuing to publish the Top 5 Free TON Positioning Essay. You can read Essay # 5 and Essay # 3 is coming soon.


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