Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
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    It’s hard to see anything behind the flashes on the other side of the monitor, are the battles that hot? These are Free TON Esports tournaments!

    One of the participants expressed his condition this way:

    When I play, I hardly move at the computer, but I get tired as if I’ve been carrying sacks of potatoes all day.

    If you decide to become one of the Heroes of the weekly tournament, we have prepared a kind of guide for you: we talked with gamers and tournament organizers, figured out how to register, and found out what prizes the participants received.

    Free TON Esports: Subgovernance Mission

    Free TON is a self-organizing system in which the Free TON Esports subgovernance develops the community and promotes the cryptocurrency TON Crystal through eSports, organizing weekly tournaments.

    Winners receive rewards from the prize pool, depending on the place taken by the team or player.

    What are they offering to play

    At the penultimate tournament (June 5), tournaments were held in five game mechanics:

    1. DOTA 1×1 — tournament on the legendary DOTA. One-on-one mode.
    2. DOTA 2×2 — DOTA. Two-on-two mode.
    3. CS:GO 2×2 — everyone’s favorite Counter-Strike. Two-on-two.
    4. Hearthstone Week#10 — Card Game. One-on-one.
    5. DOTA 2 Custom Hero Clash — DOTA 2. Eight players battle against each other.

    You can find the list of winners here.

    We got in touch with one of the tournament participants (@spoqooha) and asked about his impressions of the tournament.

    • Hi! Tell us, please, how often do you participate in Free Ton League tournaments? What game/games do you compete in?

    Hi, I participate as much as possible and only in the Dota 2 category. Custom Hero Clash custom map.

    • What impressions did you get from the tournament and its organization? How long does a tournament usually take?

    The tournament has become part of a kind of ritual: to get together with friends and measure their strength. Cozy atmosphere. I wish the organizers would add a tournament mode to the Custom Hero Clash map itself.

    The last tournament I participated in lasted no more than 5 hours, considering the organizational aspects and the game itself.

    • Do you only compete in the Free TON League or do you compete in other championships?

    Only in Free TON tournaments. And all my friends too.

    • Great! What advice would you give to a newcomer? Where to go, what to click, how to register if I want to participate?

    It’s simple, especially for those who have played online before.You need an account on Discord where we have a server. Then you have to register on the Free TON League website. If it’s a group tournament, you can invite your friends, or you can get partners in the Discord group. At the appointed time, you enter the Discord group of the tournament, get comfortable, and start playing.

    • Great, nothing complicated! Maybe we’ll meet at a tournament someday.

    Free TON Esports: how many participants gather in tournaments and what other games can be played

    The Free TON Esports community doesn’t just play DOTA, but also supports other “disciplines” such as FIFA 21, PUBG, Brawl Stars and some “browser-based” games that don’t require third-party applications.

    And what do you play? Suggest it, maybe it’s interesting to everyone!

    In Free TON Esports, as well as in the entire Free TON community, the initiative is welcomed and everyone can propose an idea, a game or a tournament, and the organizers can include them in the upcoming grid.

    Usually, 60 to 250 people take part in tournaments. According to the Free TON League organizer @UshakovKirill, the main “events” attract 10,000 participants each. Impressive? I think yes. The prize pool at such tournaments, of course, differs significantly.

    Join the game, become an eSports player of the Free TON League

    If you like to spend a day off competing in tactical and speed skills in computer games, then the weekly Free TON tournaments are for you.

    You will make new friends, improve your skills, and maybe in the future you will take part in an international championship under the flag of the community with a crystal!

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