Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
    Free TON Governance

    Free TON Dev Experience is a group of contributors providing management of the development of blockchain. Its mission is to provide an efficient development process for services, tools and software that improve the Free TON ecosystem and make it more attractive.

    To implement the mission, competitions are held. When a problem appears, a competition for finding its solution is announced. Anyone can take part. Well, almost anyone.

    Who chooses the winners? Since humanity has not yet come up with a fairer form of making important decisions than voting, therefore, in the Free TON system, the winners of competitions are also chosen by voting. The initial members of the project form special jury teams that will work until February 15, 2021.

    “Judges” are not chosen arbitrarily and not according to personal preferences, but according to the results of special thematic competitions. The “elected” are divided into thematic groups. From this moment on, the duties of the jury include holding competitions on the topic of the group, evaluating the competition works and choosing the winners. At the same time, members of the jury cannot judge representatives of organizations for which they themselves work. If one of the “judges” begins to favor, he will be expelled.

    Any member of the jury can join the group (Free TON Dev Experience Org), which is involved in administrative work, attracting qualified participants to software development, consulting developers, timely payment of tokens to contest winners, etc.

    Anyone other than US entities can participate in the jury membership competition (as in other Free TON contests).

    Requirements for participants in the competition for membership in the jury:

    – knowledge of IT and / or blockchain technologies;

    – сonfirmation of participation in open source development, mandatory provision of a githab account;

    – proof of knowledge of the Free TON codebase;

    – understanding the principle of decentralized governance;

    – providing information about the company or companies in which the candidate works.

    Jurors from among the first juries will evaluate all submissions on a scale from 1 to 10 and provide written feedback.

    As you can see, decisions are not made by one “big boss”. The system has counterweight levers. If someone sees drawbacks in this approach, suggest alternatives. The Free TON community is open to dialogue and will take into consideration any suggestions that will help the platform become even better.


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