Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    TonPunks, Free TON, CryptoPunks

    All 10,000 Free TON CryptoPunks are “wandering” around the world and bringing NFT-culture to the masses. It’s only been 2 weeks since we told you about — SVOI.Dev team’s project — and now the whole “gang” is here!

    Punk minting on Free TON has been successfully completed. Further — more!

    “Further — more” — we’ll definitely talk to the SVOI team about this part of the press release quote, but for now here is the full press release. The numbers (and sums) in it are impressive!

    The minting of has now come to an end

    A total of 10000 TonPunks were minted from the project, 6x faster than similar NFT projects such as TPunks on the TRON blockchain. To recap, the TonPunks collection consists of 10000 unique NFT punks, including rare punks of Pavel Durov, the founder of Telegram and Vkontakte.

    Users only needed 200 TON Crystal (~80 USD), to mint one TonPunk.

    The TonPunks marketplace allows users to purchase and hold ownership of TonPunk NFT’s.

    The marketplace is very active in sales, and some of the notable ones include:

    1. Purchase of TonPunk #910 for $10000, bringing the original owner a 12500% profit, only 10 minutes after the mint
    2. Purchase of TonPunk #57 for 25000 TON Crystal, bringing a profit of 12500% for the user in under 12 hours
    3. Purchase of TonPunk #7523 for 14000 TON Crystal, bringing a 7000% profit in 24h hours

    Sales of TonPunks are continuing, Some of them valued at over $1000, brining users profits of over 1200%.

    The TonPunks community is filled with active and keen individuals that are constantly interacting and helping each other, increasing the impact of TonPunks on the NFT ecosystem. Today, TonPunks has thousands of users and unique TonPunks owners who participate in social media groups and spread information about the project. 

    The TonPunks community is growing by keeping the TonPunks marketplace active with regular TonPunks purchases, sales, and exchanges to add new and diverse NFTs to their collections.

    According to the creators of TonPunks, the dynamic development of the project continues in terms of staking, token governance and system governance, which are planned to be launched within the next 45 days.

    The governance system allows users to vote on the developments of the project using the distributed or purchased governance token. 

    Project decisions include new features, partnerships, governance system developments, and more. The governance token will be distributed between users that minted TonPunks via airdrop. The token can also be obtained through staking of TonPunks or by purchasing it on popular decentralized exchanges, details of which will be revealed in the future.

    The team would like to personally thank certain individuals and organizations that believed in the project and supported Chatex, Broxus, TON Labs and representatives of the Free TON community: Alexander Filatov and Platon Knyazov.

    Moreover, the Chatex team organized a giveaway of 4 TonPunks for its users. To stay updated on the latest information on the giveaway and familiarize yourself with the requirements, join their Telegram group and stay updated on their news. 

    The community revolving around TonPunks is growing, making the project more attractive and interesting. Looking forward to the start of a new stage in the development of TonPunks.

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