Sun. Nov 28th, 2021
    Free TON, Free TON Contests Results Interface

    The Free TON Community Analytics and Support Sub-Governance held a contest for the best contests results interface. Its goal is to automate processes and simplify the search and analysis of information for users when working with contest results. In the contest, the jury had to choose the winner from 6 works.

    Basic requirements of the contest. The web interface must:

    • support standard logic — by points
    • support “Yes/No” logic
    • display a list of jury and participants and their rewards
    • have the function of sorting by score and submission number
    • the code of the solution must be open-source.

    The contestants faced a non-trivial task. After all, at the moment, summing up takes place in manual mode.

    Winner —

    First place and 30,000 TON goes to submission #3 — the interface project from @danoneo and @antonsolodkof.

    The work scored 8.22 points out of 10 possible.

    According to the developers, they had the idea of such a project even before the announcement of the contest. And already within the framework of the contest, it took about two weeks to develop the interface.

    The authors noted that using their interface, you can view the results of any contest on the FreeTonContest.sol smart contract.

    The interface works as follows: when loading the main page, a list of all contests from Main Governance appears. In the drop-down menu, you can select any other Sub-Governance.

    Free TON Contest Results

    While the page is loading, an animated cat entertains the user.

    The idea of the original design for the spinner when loading came right during the work on the contest project:

    Data is stored on-chain, so it takes a long time to load. Simple spinners are rather boring to look at, so we made it more fun.

    By clicking on any contest from the list and admiring the pet during the loading, the user goes to the summary table where the places, average score, the number of judges who voted, links to wallets and submissions are listed.

    calculation of remuneration

    The example of the Jury tab shows how to work with the active field for entering rewards. You need to enter the required percentage in the field, and the awards are calculated automatically — based on the reward data for the contest participants.

    A special button is responsible for uploading to Excel. During export, the sorting selected on the site is loaded.

    The adaptive interface is available for use on both computers and mobile devices.

    Functionality features include:

    • automatic calculation of rewards according to the leaderboard 
    • calculation of “Yes/No” results — sorting by Accepted
    • calculation of jury rewards
    • search for information on any contest via Contest Address
    • demonstration of detailed statistics on contests.
    Opinion Of The Judges

    The judges highly appreciated the simplicity and speed of the interface, pointing out the shortcomings.

    “Simple and intuitive interface. Good working speed. The table upload is perfectly done”.

    “In my opinion, this work best meets the requirements of the contest. -1 point for “boring” interface”.

    One of the strictest judges of this contest, under the name 0:67d445e ···· e1780f224, rated the work with only 5 points. He put his comments on all the works in the spreadsheet, in which he thoroughly analyzed all six works. One of the comments — common to all — concerns the need to download an Excel spreadsheet to your computer.

    Silver Medalist

    Second place and 25,000 TON goes to submission #2 from representatives of CEO Analytics Group.

    The work scored 7.61 points out of 10 possible.

    One of the authors of the work under the nickname @lvv noted in the presentation that the web interface merges the results of past contests and allows you to conveniently analyze and copy data on winners, judges, their wallets, and amounts to be paid.

    The home page contains the contests, their status, the number of participants, and other information.

    When you go to information on a specific contest, you can get lists of the jury, participants, their awards, date, and time of contests. Built-in sorting by rating and submission number, the ability to configure prizes manually.

    Opinion Of The Judges

    The judges were in favor of the original design and intuitive interface. The above-mentioned judge 0:67d445e ···· e1780f224, gave the work only 1 point but noted the user-friendly design.

    The rest of the judges were much more generous and, among other things, mentioned the design.

    “The most user-friendly interface. There are some minor bugs but I hope you fix them”.

    “Detailed work in technical terms. Userfriendly design. High speed of execution of requests”.

    “Some bugs with results, good interface and navigation”.

    Bronze Medalist

    The third place and 20,000 TON was awarded to submission #4 of the RSquad team, which closely cooperates with Free TON and already has experience of winning in technological community contests.

    The work scored 7.35 points out of 10 possible.

    As part of the development of the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) in Free TON, the team has already created Easy Vote — a voting system for the jury of contests and Free TON users, which partially solves some of the tasks set at the interface contest. As a contest work, the team presented the Easy results interface.

    Roman Nguyen on the RSquad submission:

    “It’s an interface that solves a specific problem. We simplified it as much as possible, made thresholds, with different parameters. Everything works fast, nothing is cached, and it interacts directly with the blockchain. The interface is extremely intuitive, without on-chain layers.

    A big plus of the presentation of this work is a detailed step-by-step description of how to work with the application. Starting with the first item, enter the address of the contest, the authors show the possible course of work with the interface using the example of the Christmas greeting card contest.

    The section with information on contests displays information about the submission, prize places, sorting, and points. If you enable the Yes/No mode, the table differentiates participants by a defining attribute.

    Each of the submissions can be expanded and you can see the details of voting.

    Opinion Of The Judges

    The visually pleasing interface design and the organic implementation of the functionality were noted.

    “The Yes/No logic is well implemented. Great idea with the Threshold function. This might come in handy”.

    “Best presentation and most convenient interface for me as a user”.

    Forum’s contribution to the results of the contest

    During the contest, several heated discussions took place on the forum which resulted in some constructive solutions.

    The reaction of of one of the participating teams to the comments of the jury members is noteworthy:

    “Dear Community, we carefully read the current comments to our submission, wept over the scores and decided to announce additional functionality, in addition to our main option — AUTOMATIC CALCULATION OF SUBMISSIONS:

    • manual input of submissions in a beta version
    • video tutorial on all functionality. It pops up on the first visit and there is a button on the main page
    • we announce loading from the blockchain directly, which is not at all necessary for the database since it is enough to download the contest once.

    The most skeptical judge of the contest responded to the claims of the participants:

    “Thank you for pointing out my shortcomings. Thanks to the opportunity to re-vote in connection with the change of the contract, I studied each submission again, considered the wishes for the comments (rethought at your request), and described it. I apologize that the comments are displayed not in the blockchain, but in the Google table. Everyone knows comments are limited to 120 characters and are often misunderstood by participants. This practice exists in Free TON, so it is not new”.

    Active participants of the contest noted that previously the judges were not so accessible, and it was almost impossible to reach them. In the same contest, there was a fairly open relationship between the jury and the participants.


    The solutions that were born during the contest perfectly showed the speed at which professional teams can work. Demonstrating the potential of Free TON community members is an important strategic factor in the development of the platform.