Sat. Jun 19th, 2021
    Free TON, Contests, TON Crystal

    Free TON definitely claims to be the most creative crypto community out there. You can make good money on ideas in the blockchain, of course, if they are considered necessary.

    The Free TON community has adopted a meritocratic token distribution system. Thanks to it, every member of the community can take part in the contest and earn TON Crystal with their knowledge and skills. The very first step on the road to success is to submit an application.

    How Do Free TON Contests Begin

    The Free TON ecosystem is built on decentralized governance, which implies the ability of each member of the community to influence the development of the platform. It is also important that only community members determine the vector of the system’s development. Any expansion of the Free TON platform functionality takes place through contests proposed by one of the community members. In the case of a proposal for partnership and cooperation, any organization from outside can initiate it.

    In both cases, the proposal is first submitted for discussion in the Free TON forum by filling out a form in the dedicated section. This is followed by a discussion on the forum, during which community members express their views on the feasibility and benefits of the proposal for Free TON. A vote decides the fate of the proposal.

    Contests may fall within the competence of the global governance of the community or the competence of one of its sub-governance. Accordingly, after the discussion procedure is completed, the contest is put to the vote by any of the initials. The contest is accepted or rejected by members of the respective sub-governance or global governance through SMV voting.

    If the proposal for the contest is voted positively, it goes to the “Active” section.

    Applying for the contest

    So, the contest has been accepted, now it’s the turn to act for those wishing to take part in it. To create a submission, you need to:

    • Sign the Declaration on Decentralization in the relevant section.
    • Inform about the wish to participate in the contest by sending a message to the relevant section of the forum.
    • Go to the active contests section, select the desired contest and click Add submission. This can be done only during the period that is set aside for
    • Fill in all the lines in the window that appears:

    Free TON wallet address.
    TON.Surf wallet address (optional).
    Submission link — a link to the forum with a discussion of the contest.
    Confirm signing of the Declaration on Decentralization.
    Attach a PDF file with the contest submission.
    Click “Submit”.

    After the deadline for submissions, the judges review the submissions and evaluate them on a 10-point scale. Participants, whose works won prizes, receive a reward to the address of the specified TON.Surf wallet (or other).


    If you want to be useful to the Free TON community and earn TON Crystal, the community chats are waiting for you. We believe in you and wish you success and good luck.