Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    Hardware Device App Contest Ledger

    Ledger is a company that develops security systems and solutions for the cryptocurrency market. One of them is the Ledger Nano S wallet, designed for storing keys outside the computer.

    As a result of the contest, the community expects to receive an application for secure offline storage of tokens in the wallet.

    The app should be simple and compatible with devices and policies. It must comply with the Ledger security rules, verify the Free TON public address on the Ledger device, be able to reject or sign the transaction on the Ledger device, display the transaction information before allowing the signature. In addition, the source code should be well documented.Evaluation criteria include security and privacy protection. The jury will also pay attention to the quality of the code and description Participants should provide a BOLOS application source code, written in C.

    Free TON Ledger

    Contest requirements and rewards

    One of the specific requirements is that only one entry from the team is accepted for the competition, and the submitted materials should not be a modification of another application. All requirements can be viewed on the website page. Contest ends 25 December 2020.


    1 place120 000 TON Crystals
    2 place50 000 TON Crystals
    3 place30 000 TON Crystals

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