Thu. Jul 29th, 2021
    Free TON gives Christmas

    The contest for the best Free TON Christmas greeting card is in the voting stage. Becoming one of the last in the outgoing year, it caused a stir among the creative community members — the jury received almost three hundred greeting cards!

    To be honest, we do not envy the judges who need to review so many works during the holidays. To morally support the jury, let’s try to imagine ourselves in their place. While waiting for the results of the contest, we offer you to get acquainted with its review and our favorites.

    The main thing is both victory and participation!

    Since the launch of the contest, the forum began to discuss its feasibility. To some members of the community, it seemed like a waste of the creative resources of artists and designers. An argument? The winners will be known only after the Catholic Christmas, and the age of greeting cards is short — right after the holidays they lose their relevance.

    But it seems that the organizers have solved this dilemma by making it a condition for the contestants to upload their works to Twitter. That is, information promotion is going on throughout the contest — an elegant solution. 

    Easy-to-implement projects are the best tool for current community development tasks.

    Moreover, the goals of the greeting card contest (as well as more serious contests) coincide with the global goals of Free TON at the moment:

    • recognition in the global network and blockchain space;
    • launching viral content;
    • expanding the geography of information platforms.

    Take part, but never become a member?

    As we have already mentioned, 276 entries were submitted for the competition. However, quite a significant part of the work already at the start was out of the game. You can verify this by looking at the Figma online service spreadsheet, which makes review and analysis easier.

    Figma table
    Figma table

    As you can see, 32 entries have loading problems or duplicate other entries. Another 24 — red ones — are suspected of unoriginal materials.

    The art contests that have already passed have shown that there are authors who “create” on a ready-made template — they simply add Free TON trademarks to it. It seems that this time such «tricks» will not work. Being among the suspects is fraught with a significant loss of points.

    As the organizer of the competition Mikhail Kabanov explains on the forum:

    Red — 1 point (which is similar to reject but worse). Yellow — it depends if there is a link to Twitter somewhere. Still, the rules are simple — Twitter link in PDF. If it’s not, one might get a low score for not following the rules.

    Uploading greeting cards to Twitter is one of the main requirements for their participation in the contest. The massive filling of this social network with content from Free TON was one of the main goals. If the jury will stand on principle, it will be able to significantly thin out the ranks of those wishing to take part in the division of 100,000 TON Crystals.

    As a result, it turns out that getting a score of 6 points or higher is not so easy. It should be reminded that awards are given to all works that have scored at least 6 points. And the higher the score — the bigger the prize.

    Sleigh, Christmas trees and more

    According to the style and technique of execution, most of the approved works can be divided into several categories.

    Abstractions in the style of Free TON

    Unique design and at the same time strict adherence to color design is the corporate identity of the category. Although the works of different authors, they look so organically next to each other that you can easily imagine a whole set of New Year’s greeting cards from Free TON.

    Greeting card №182

    Merry Christmas

    Easy-to-understand work, not overloaded with details. One caveat: the inner perfectionist cries from the fact that the figure still does not rely on letters.

    Greeting card №259

    Snowmen made of crystals

    Greeting card №228

    Heppy New Year

    Another example of high-quality execution is a greeting card in classic Free TON colors and shapes.

    Greeting card №164

    Holidays during a pandemic

    Greeting card №240

    As a small self-promotion, we will include in this group the work from the FreeTON House editors. The greeting card fits well with the overall design in the spirit of Free TON.

    DeGod meets Christmas

    “Ho-Ho-Ho!” from a parallel universe from Degod — our fantastic character who participated in the Free TON Virtual hero contest and took the honorable 10th place.

    Familiar faces and more

    It’s great that many people systematically promote their creative ideas and evolve previously developed characters.

    Greeting card №28

    Cute christmas cat

    One of the cutest characters of the Free TON Virtual hero contest.

    Greeting card №203

    Crystal Stickmen

    Good old crystal stickmen, so loved by the jury in the Free TON video presentation contest. By the way, stickmen, like some other characters of the contest, are presented on several greeting cards at once.

    Classic Christmas stories

    Classics are always good. A home tree with gifts, Santa flying in a sleigh, an animal symbol of the coming year — all this is familiar, cute and heartfelt. And if you add a pinch of originality!

    Greeting card №193

    Mexican Santa Claus

    Sleigh in diamonds, cactus-trees, Santa with a black beard and rainbow deer — we breathe unevenly for this work.

    Greeting card №24

    Santa stickman

    The application combines three options at once with a funny Santa stickman. The middle greeting card, where Santa makes a crystal angel (or butterfly), is especially good.

    Greeting card №70 


    The melancholic bull very accurately conveys the current pre-New Year mood.

    Greeting card №25

    Deer in a sweater

    Handmade immediately catches the eye.

    Greeting card №146

    Cat family celebrates the new year

    A naive and touching greeting card about a cat family is incredibly cute.

    Crystal-perfect works

    Greeting card №11

    Crystal reflects light

    The designer was inspired by the play of light passing through the edges of the crystal.

    Greeting card №265

    Crystal wreath

    Crystal outline in a Christmas style. It turned out to be an original, stylish greeting card.

    Not like the others

    Greeting card №188

    Game Over 2020 is the embodiment of an idea that is in the air.

    Game Over 2020

    Greeting card №151

    «One crystal is much better than a thousand congratulations» is a great, assertive advertisement. We hope the other platforms listed on the greeting card are not offended.

    One crystal is much better than a thousand congratulations

    Greeting card №108

    The Snow Maiden in a revealing outfit is an echo of the glory of the winners of the Free TON Virtual Hero competition. Why not play this card again! Well, taking into account the preferences of the judges is a reasonable move. However, the graphics level does not look like a bid to win.

    The Snow Maiden in a revealing outfit

    And now our favorites

    We decided to give up grueling fortune-telling, and instead make a Top of the most liked works for our pleasure.

    1st place — greeting card №19

    The pixel design

    A cool idea to beat the well-known quatrain about red roses and blue violets. The pixel design also works on the concept of the work — the poem gets a mechanical sound, as if it were pronounced by a robot from the science fiction of the 80s. Brilliant effect with a minimum of expressive means!

    But the coolest thing about this work is the little things. Pay attention to the snowflakes. As the author wrote in a note to the work, «legends say that all snowflakes are different». Admit it, are you also looking for at least two identical ones?

    2nd place — greeting card №156

    Brutal bull

    Brutal style, uncompromising message. And unlike most works, the greeting card will be relevant not only during the holidays. Great move.

    3rd place — greeting card №106

    The most linear Christmas

    The work fascinates with the curves of the lines, references to Suprematism are clearly read. Fine, elegant work. Attracts the eye and does not let go for a long time.

    P.S. It will be interesting to see how much our choice coincides with the opinion of the jury. We are waiting for the results of the competition on December 28 and, of course, we will release a review of the winners based on their results.

    Merry Crystals and happy Free TON!


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