Thu. Jun 17th, 2021
    Why Free TON?

    We publish the best Essays of the Free TON Positioning Essay Contest. This time with a technological bias.

    Objectives are clear to the naked eyes when they are yours, makes it better and easier to focus at and further on craving for the execution. But, in a world of so-called advanced technology where you ultimately don’t just put your casual sharable data to whatever site or application you are signing up for, but put some of the crucial inputs for your own privacy, the ones that can be easily used in digital transactions and a whole different world of scams, that we don’t believe you are ready for, who is after all!

    Andy Grove once said: “Privacy is one of the biggest problems in this new electronic age.” Some data you think: “not big a deal to share, it doesn’t matter” in fact matters to others who will take advantage of them, maybe even blackmail you or even worse. Does the blanket of blind trust really that warm? After all, you never know for sure who — or what — you are giving your personal data to. And aren’t you going to devote some of your time and think about this for a little bit? We mean like really think about it?In the 1960s, when the internet was all about computers’ interconnection either for sending files, finding everything you can imagine on the web from books to research papers, and even more. It was simple back in the days, and most importantly, Decentralized, till the beginning of the big corporates or the new generation internet applications; the ones that currently run many major facets of our lives like:

    • Amazon
    • WeChat
    • Facebook
    • Telegram
    • YouTube
    • Instagram

    These companies, in fact, have an enormous outsized impact on how the internet runs, why you might ask…

    There is no such thing as having 100% of the internet centralized because simply, it is physically and legally not possible, yet, there are large servers associated or run by large corporations, such as the mentioned, that are responsible for including our essential elements, inclusive of mainly our personal info. These servers (web hosting and cloud computing servers) keep your email, social media contacts, and webpages available to all putting your personal data at risk of exposure to the negative part of the internet users and hackers. Centralization of the internet — limitations of all your data to only a few servers — can have gigantic adverse consequences that can affect your business, personal, social, and even sex life, and no one wants to miss with that though.

    Here is what you should be worried about while dealing with today’s internet:

    Servers can collapse

    Satellites, can malfunction sometimes and subsequently erasing all the individuals’ data within the server and impedes all communication means either between family members, friends, and most importantly workers, pretty much what happened in 1998 in the United States of America when a satellite failed. When the satellite failed, 90% of all the pagers were cut off, especially the blue-collar freelance professions. And if you think about it, back in 1998, there were not a lot of internet users, but what do think about now, what do you think will happen if one of the satellites failed? Probably the answer is wandering in your mind right now. So, isn’t that a burden to keep holding? Additionally, there is more to worry about than a satellite failure.

    Servers are exposed to Hackers

    Have you heard of the 2013 Yahoo breach? The one that made over a billion of Yahoo users hapless, not to mention the individuals that were working in Yahoo. Imagine with us again please what will happen if your personal data: email, and bank account with another person but yourself? How do you think about how that will affect your life? “Very bad” you might say to yourself.

    There are a lot of disadvantages, but we don’t want to work your mind with many disadvantages and there is still a very much brighter side that we are willing to offer you.

    Breaking News:

    Thanks to technology evolution through the years, Free TON can upgrade all the different services to be utterly decentralized, wiping out every single fear rooted within you of being stolen or blackmailed, if a satellite exploded, your data and transactions won’t be exposed or at risk at all. Services within the internet can now be decentralized with the same level of experience, but what are the possible advantages? Apart from having all your data secure.

    Evidently, DDoS attacks represent a great danger for the servers and the users, yet in a decentralized system, things are run by an outrageous number of users and independent machines which will make it impossible for hackers and attackers to break through and reach the users’ data.

    But here is the question; All global applications in existence can be built on the decentralized backend, so according to what we tackled, will you choose the centralized system or the decentralized system, our system? You better have that right as we have mentioned before, technology is on the rise so as the hackers who can manipulate you, impede your money transferences, blackmail you, and much more.

    ‘Blackmail’ is overused, yes! We know, it is just a reality that we want you to consider being apart from.

    Free TON Telegram heritage and giving you your privacy:

    The Founder and chief executive of Telegram wrote on May 12:

    Today is a sad day for us here at Telegram. We are announcing the discontinuation of our blockchain project.

    After a long battle with the SEC (U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission), the U.S court made it completely impossible to continue the development of Telegram Open Network because literally centralized authorities have way too much power over the internet.

    Free TON added a lot to the TON platform to move it forward to become the very first sustainable network for a truly decentralized internet, but, there was so much stress on the CEO and the staff workers from the U.S court and SEC that he decided to discontinue stating:

    I want to conclude this post by wishing luck to all those striving for decentralization, balance, and equality in the world. You are fighting the right battle. This battle may well be the most important battle of our generation. We hope that you succeed where we have failed.

    Free TON is carrying on with its progress and will surely evolve and escalate to make the internet completely decentralized.

    So, Why Free TON?

    Developers need the best platform for having the best applications and sites with a variety of remarkable features that will catch the target audience’s attention. Thus, developers need Free TON platform for their decentralized applications and sites, and here is why:

    Strong-driving ambition, great features, and easement

    Having that strong craving for growth and being unique, Free TON has a powerful new virtual machine for securely running smart contract codes that can be written in highleveled programming languages like C++ and Solidity (with Rust coming soon). Free TON can also rise up to millions of transactions per second. Briefly, Free TON is fast, versatile, and secure. But, there are a lot of competitors like:

    • Ava
    • Polkadot
    • Near
    • Zilliqa
    • Solana
    • Ethereum 2.0

    These networks are also fast, versatile, and secure. So, what makes Free TON even more remarkable and unique more than them?

    Here are the top 3 reasons why you should join the Free TON movement:

    Community Chains over Venture Capital Chains

    Free TON has 93% of the total supply reserved to build a community. We believe tokens are a tool meant to build just that. We give tokens to all the participants at least to take a role in the race and launch their application for their own business. So, we want to give that to our users by distributing tokens to the community as it is a factor that will both ensure our platform’s credibly and escalation as well as increasing our users’ room for expansion and more exposure, which is not available to VC chains.

    Community chains, over VC chains, also allow the TON community to provide early support to promising new apps, giving developers the tokens they need to bootstrap their projects.

    Contests over Grants

    Do you actually believe in the credibility and so-said transparency of the grants that different corporations give from time to time? A recent post by Lane Rettig from the Ethereum community said: “Grants are ‘permissioned innovation’, where the leaders of a community appoint the chosen ones.”

    The main base of this blog right here is that if you don’t trust or have the slightest doubts about something, just switch to another which is more to be believed and trusted. So, we want to make you trust us, so no more grants, only contests that we believe are the true levelers. We believe that contests remove the word ‘biased’ entirely from the process. And don’t worry, the judgments for who wins will be genuinely unbiased, and you can know that for sure.

    It’s Decentralized

    The major role of Free TON is to be decentralized and help people escape from the constant fear of being robbed or blackmailed.

    Free TON as being the first blockchain that is born decentralized gives it the credit to be the most vital platform for the developers who want to build apps that are resistant to censorship.

    Free Ton also covers a variety of different fields that we can contribute with whether our decentralized unique apps or other provisions that we pride ourselves for, including governance. We offer great designs and mechanisms and build the best tools you can ever come across, will surely have your chin up with our provisions of apps and more.

    Hey, we are trying to shape a better present in here. We want to make a new future that is totally free-of-robbery-fear, not to mention blackmailing, again. Join us in our journey to help the world thrive with our new invention resulting in a new generation that won’t just exceed the brightest minds’ expectations but much much more. You will not want to miss that!