Sun. May 16th, 2021
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The gaming industry is looking with interest at the possibilities of the blockchain. Some analysts even predict that with the development of blockchain technology, a new stage in the evolution of video games will begin. This is not surprising — this technology provides a number of competitive advantages in this developed industry.

So, users will be able to exchange in-game assets without the participation of intermediaries. Gamers will increase the monetization of their game time, turning the profit from the sale of artifacts into a stable income, or even establishing an in-game industry. Fans of online casinos will no longer suffer from “behind-the-scenes games”. There will be a mechanism for tracking the history of bets and, as a result, checking the decency of the “dealer”. Developers will also make additional profits from the sale of tokens and in-game items, as well as by expanding the client base at the expense of blockchain technology users. 

The benefits of blockchain technologies for creating games are also seen by the participants of the crypto community. As a result, on the basis of this technology, many games of various themes have appeared recently, both online casinos and RPG. However, the pace of development of blockchain gaming cannot yet be called rapid. For example, if the audience of video games numbers billions of people, then there are only a few hundred thousand active users of blockchain games in the world. This is due to the high threshold for entering this industry, because to start playing on the blockchain, the user must own an electronic wallet, on which it is desirable to have a certain amount of cryptocurrency.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that we are witnessing the emergence and development of new industries in both the gaming industry and blockchain technology.

Dice — the Second First Gambling Game On Free TON

You probably remember the project of the first gambling game on Free TON — Twicy, which appeared in December 2020 and was built according to the scheme of the classic financial pyramid. The game is still available to users. Newcomers will be especially welcomed by participants who have been waiting for the payment of double dividends for several months.

Now, about the Dice. It would seem that the story with Twicy is not the best start for getting to know the new product, but the hero-creator is still the same. When the first project ceased to be mainstream, the Twicy developer replied to the claims made by the players in a private correspondence:

It was a one-time action. And I paid out of my own money. I don’t give out money anymore. I am now investing them in a more civilized project, and I need them myself. 

So, meet the new project from the creator of Twicy.

Dice — “A More Civilized Project”

Project Dice is the first gambling game on Free TON

Project Dice is the first gambling game on Free TON, an online casino with a single slot machine and an interface that needs additional attention of an artist. The developer, however, promises that the animation will be improved over time. The game itself is extremely simple. Use the slider on the scale to select a number from 5 to 98. If you get a higher or equal number, you win, and if you get a lower number, you lose. The bet is from 1 to 100 TON Crystal. The game worked with the ExtraTON extension, but other Free TON wallets could also be activated. Now, after the ExtraTON project is closed, the application will integrate with the newly appearing wallets.

Less than a month has passed since the release of the game, but it has already managed to attract attention. For example, here’s how the ExtraTON developers reacted to the statistics:

“The guys have recently launched the first third-party application for ExtraTON. However, it’s gambling. But the surprise is that in just the first couple of days, our extension received about 200! new users. If we compare this with the fact that in 3.5 months we scored only 480, then this number amazed us a little”.

Here it is on the chart:

Dice, ExtraTON

Dice Developer About Its “secrets”

At the request of Free TON HOUSE, the Dice developer shed some light on the game’s mechanics. We offer the main theses.

So, the game uses a pseudo-random number generator on the blockchain. This algorithm is widely used in cryptography and conforms to the philosophical principle expressed by the mathematician Robert Coveyou:

Random Number Generation is too Important to be Left to Chance.

In other words, this algorithm can be represented as a controlled and verifiable randomness — so that the results do not accidentally fall “in a heap”. Experts can get acquainted with the description of the method in Solidity on GitHub.

Dice in Numbers

At the time of communication with the developer, the internal game statistics were expressed in the following numbers:

  • About 100 people played Dice.
  • The total number of bets was over 500.
  • The game balance at the time of launch was 10,100 TON crystals, at the time of communication — 10,805.

As you can see, the casino is still working to its advantage, which means that we can expect further development of the game. The developer also plans to do this:

“The project is really in early stage — admits Nikita, aka Kek — I have some cool animation projects in development. Plus, there are many plans to generate TIP-3 tokens. In general, in my head what has been done is done with a C grade. And there is still more to be done”.

Comments on the game project also indicated some new user requests. In particular, a wish was expressed for a mobile version.

Players also indicate the speed of the game process — you have to wait 15-30 seconds for the result of the drawing. But this is again due to the current technical features of the blockchain. This inconvenience can only be resolved by improving the parameters of the technology itself.

There are also questions about the safety of bets — what happens if a lucky player empties the entire cashier? “How will smart behave? Will not accept a bid that you will not be able to repay?”

In this regard, the developer responded to us:

If this happens, the contract will not accept the bid. The probability of emptying the cashier is there. According to different scenarios, it is from 4% to 30%. In practice, I’ll just top up the bank.


It was nice to get to know the game and its developer — though it cost 4 Free TON HOUSE crystals left in Dice. If the graphics were a little better, we would, of course, start at 40 (if you play, you will understand what we mean — ed.). But then there would be nothing to talk about.