Sat. Nov 27th, 2021
    Free TON Blockchain Explorer

    Here’s what data about the Free TON blockchain can be found on the browser site by the Broxus team.

    Free TON Blockchain Explorer: Getting Started On The Platform

    Available menu languages: English and Korean.

    To authorize, click Sign in and log in via Telegram.

    You can skip the authorization and use the site anonymously.

    Accept a permission request to receive information from a Telegram account: name, username, and profile picture.

    At this point the authorization is complete, and then we are on the site under our Telegram username.

    Free TON Blockchain Explorer: Main Page

    The center of the page contains general information about Free TON in numbers.

    • Head block — the value of the maximum block in the Free TON network for all shards. At the same time, there are currently seventeen shards in the network, blocks are generated in each. 
    • Transactions — the total number of transactions that were included in the blocks.
    • Messages — the total number of messages that have passed through the Free TON network.
    • Accounts — the total number of open accounts in Free TON since the launch of the network. 
    • Volume 24 h — the value of all messages transmitted during the last day. In other words, these are tokens transmitted with messages per day.
    • Total supply — the total number of TON Crystal issued. Some of them are not distributed among users and are on the givers account — distributing smart contracts.

    Below are a few more sections:

    • Latest transactions — the latest transactions between wallets, which entered the blocks. Tick-Tok transactions and Elector transactions of the smart contract, which selects validators, are not taken into account. They can be turned on to be visible. The main page lists 10 of them, but you can expand and see all the transactions. 
    • Latest messages — the latest messages that were sent for transactions, not counting the Elector message. Different transactions involve the exchange of one or more messages between smart contracts. The latest 10 are listed, but all are available for viewing.
    • Token transactions transactions with tokens. Here, it refers to transactions with tokens WTON, DAF, Bridge, and others, excluding the native Free TON currency — TON Crystal. Transactions are sorted by the time of writing to the block. Transaction ID, recipient and sender wallet addresses, transfer amount, and the type of token are specified.
    • New Accounts — the latest open accounts on the Free TON blockchain. The number of created accounts for the last hour and the last day is highlighted.
    • Active Accounts — the accounts where the transactions were made. The number of active users for the last hour and day is highlighted.
    • Current validators — the validator wallets that are generating the latest blocks of transactions are listed, in descending order of their rates. The size of the credited bonus for generating the block is written next to each one.
    • Latest stake actions — the latest investment in staking. The validator to whose DePool the funds are transferred and their amount are shown.
    • Latest blocks — lists the latest generated blocks and the number of transactions included in each of them. At the bottom, there is access to all the blocks.

    By typing in the search box (at the top of the page) the wallet address or transaction ID, message, block, you can get all the available information about them.

    What’s On The Sidebar Of The Explorer?

    On the top right are the icons with quick access: Blocks, Transactions, Messages, Accounts, Tokens, Validators. Clicking on them opens a table with detailed information about the relevant section, almost duplicating the main page. The difference is that the latest transactions, messages, blocks, etc. are available on the main page with their brief contents, and clicking on the icons gives more detailed information about each section.

    • Blocks — shows the ID of each block, the number of the shard that took part in its generation, the block sequence number, the number of transactions in it, and the block write time.

    Transactions — provides a summary of the total number of all transactions on the network, the speed of each transaction, the number of transactions in the last day, and the amount of tokens involved in transactions over the past 24 hours. The transaction table can be filtered by the amount, time of the transaction, and the addresses of the wallets involved. For example, you can specify the wallet address and view transactions for the entire time or a specific period. The tables represent both wallet addresses between which the transfer was made, the amount of the transfer, and the time of the transaction.

    Messages — displays information in a form similar to the transaction table. It contains data on the total number of messages on the network, the speed of their processing, the number for the last day, and the amount of crystals that have been transferred per day through these messages. The table can be optimized to view certain data by specifying the address of the sender, the recipient of the messages, the amount of transfer, the time, and the type of message — external or internal.

    Accounts — provides summary information about the total number of open wallets in the Free TON network, how many of them appeared during the last day, active on the same day, and in the last hour. The table is formed by time of account opening, shows the balance of each wallet. Navigating to the address from the table gives information about all actions with the account: when it was created and what transactions were made, the balance of the account. If the account is a root token (the root smart contract that deploys all other wallets of a given token), then the Token transactions list displays all transactions for the corresponding type of token. If the account is a root token, the Holders block is additionally displayed on the card, allowing you to see the distribution of tokens in the network. By knowing the address of the root smart contract, you can get all the available information about it. It is a unique feature of the TON Explorer.

    Tokens — lists all types of user-created tokens in the Free TON network. In front of each of them is the address of the token root — the root smart contract for that token. Navigating to the page of each token gives full information about the actions with it.

    Validators — specifies the start and end time of the validator election for the next cycle and the status of the election. The table contains information about the validator’s address, the amount of his rate in descending order, the amount of bonuses paid per cycle.


    The platform is constantly being improved and updated. In the near future, its developers promise to:

    1. Provide information about token operations in parent transactions, not only in child transactions.
    2. Add a page with a list of all tokens.
    3. Improve filters by token type in the transaction list. provides an opportunity to get the information about the Free TON blockchain, make sure that the transaction is completed, and also find out all transfers to the wallet address of interest. This transparency of the blockchain makes it possible to verify the addressee before the transaction, for example, in a P2P currency exchange.