Sat. Jun 19th, 2021
    SiGMA, Free TON

    SiGMA is a leading gaming company (the world leader in iGaming) that plans and organizes events with guests in mind. SiGMA also serves as a news platform covering events in the world of technology. SiGMA is represented on four continents: Europe, Asia, America and Africa.

    SiGMA has its production studios, design teams, and support services, including M&A services and more.

    SIGMA is just the perfect environment for gaming companies, recruiters, developers, regulators, and other industry participants who want to “boost” their knowledge and establish communication with other firms.

    SiGMA Features

    • The world’s largest conference and exhibition venue (SiGMA Malta, SiGMA Manila, SiGMA Sao Paulo, and SiGMA Cape Town).
    • Holding DeepTech conferences dedicated to high technology (details below).
    • Conducting roadshows — two-hour mini-conferences held on an interactive platform. Dedicated to the following topics: regulation, taxation, and compliance, new technologies, opinions of leaders and scientists. 
    • Issue of SiGMA magazine, covering the remote gaming industry (published twice a year).
    • SiGMA podcasts about technology, backed up by the insights of industry professionals.
    • SiGMA TV — you can not only listen but also watch thematic videos. Where, for example, there is an opportunity to learn about free bitcoins at gambling conferences and more.
    • Blockchain and Crypto news coverage — SiGMA doesn’t snooze but keeps its finger on the pulse. Keeping abreast of all innovations is an important aspect of technology development.

    SiGMA And Technology: Deep Tech

    SiGMA Group has always paid attention to high technology, so the company began organizing a sister show, AIBC Summit. After a good start and the innovative success of AIBC, the company designed the SiGMA Deep Tech conference. Large amounts of data, blockchain, user interface, artificial intelligence, open-source technologies, and licensed technologies — these (and more) topics are widely discussed at this event.

    Technical directors responsible for advanced technology, the best developers — all the people on whom the development of the industry depends attended the summit. In short, SiGMA Deep Tech is the place where you can learn, share and talk about the latest technologies.

    Free TON And SiGMA — partners

    By partnering with the SiGMA Group, Free TON can attract audiences from the iGaming, blockchain, and other tech communities, which should help develop the community as a viable network for online gaming. Free TON’s participation at the AIBC summit (held May 25-26, 2021, in Dubai, UAE) and other Deep Tech conferences will undoubtedly attract the attention of not only the best developers but also the various blockchain and technology communities.

    According to the SiGMA Group representatives, iGaming is one of the most demanding areas for advanced blockchain solutions. Therefore, thanks to the joint efforts, the iGaming industry may well see Free TON as a good technology for business by introducing it into the field of online gaming.