Wed. Apr 14th, 2021
аналитика поддержка субуправление

Since the launch of FreeTON, the need for analytics and community support is growing every day. In this regard, there was a proposal to create a SubGovernance.

SubGovernance Tasks

• support for distribution of payments of global governance;

• analytics of partnerships;

• analysis of partners’ proposals on the disclosed metrics;

• third party KYB (“Know Your Business”) service provider contests;

• analysis of conflicts and incidents in the community;

• analysis of the effectiveness of all sub governance;

• statistics of contests: payments, participation, reports;

• translations of non-English-language contests and entries;

• group moderation and user support.

Dividing SubGovernance into specific subgroups

Division into subgroups based on tasks:

• payments in the FreeTON system;

• statistics and results of contests;

• translations;

• partnership analytics.

Requested SubGovernance budget

1Translations100 000
2Partnership analytics50 000
3Statistics and results of contests40 000
4Communication between sub governances.Analysis of the effectiveness of sub governance35 000
5The working process50 000
Total:275 000

In case of non-fulfillment of any item, the remaining funds (the budget is calculated for 3 months) are proposed to be transferred to the next period until the funds are fully spent.


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