Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
    Ethertum2.0, Phase zero

    An ambitious project called The World Computer of the Future is officially launched. On December 1, the second version of Ethereum was released. Of course, as mentioned earlier, only its phase zero.

    Despite the fact that the full launch of all phases of Ethereum 2.0 will take a long time, the beginning already looks promising.

    Phase zero of Ethereum 2.0

    To launch the new version of the platform, the conditions for the number of validators (more than 16 000) and the minimum amount of funds deposited (about 525 000 ETH) had to be met. The requirements were met with a small margin: more than 20 000 validators joined the work on the day of the ETH 2.0 launch.

    The purpose of the phase zero of ETH 2.0 launch is to confirm the functionality and operability of the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) elements associated with stacking. 

    In case of successful operation of the platform at the zerostage , the following three stages will be launched.

    Full work of the new version will increase the speed of transactions and reach the value of 100 000 transactions per second. These results will allow ETH 2.0 to significantly strengthen its leadership position among other blockchain platforms.

    What do the experts say?

    Not all experts and community members are optimistic about the future of Ethereum:

    • Firstly, there are expectations that DeFi protocols will attract more and more cryptocurrency owners, which will reduce the interest of validators to store their tokens in ETH. DeFi may seem more profitable and attractive to investors than investing in ETH.
    • Secondly, some experts do not recommend trusting ETH 2.0, in fear of bugs. 
    • So, Chase Wright draws attention to the insufficient code audit and the desire of the developers of the new version to be in time for the launch at any cost. However, the Ethereum Foundation has already taken action and announced the recruitment of specialists for the ETH2 internal security team.

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