Sun. May 9th, 2021
DevEx24, Free TON, SMV

The participants discussed how to approach the SMV application as part of the DevEx sub-governance voting, and also shared ideas on how to get out of conflict situations arising from the late submission of the contestants’ work.

SMV application: how to use it?

Alexander Anazarov said that a meeting was held with the SMV developers on April 2. As a result, the following question arose: is there currently any complete algorithm or instruction for using SMV in the DevEx Sub-Governance as part of voting.

Pavel P explained that there is an approved sub-governance of Formal Methods that is currently being launched on SMV. However, it is necessary to wait a while to see their experience. Alternatively, you can ask the SMV developer from the Formal Methods Sub-Governance to help create a similar wallet and transfer tokens to it. It is noted that the lack of necessary instructions for using the SMV contract can cause difficulties.

It was decided to either wait a little longer, or ask for the contract developers’ help  — the RSquad team, and more specifically — from its representative Roman Romanov, so that they directly assisted in the contract deployment within the DevEx Sub-Governance.

Alexey Novikov promised to deploy the contract.

Evaluation of the Binding contest

The next stage of vesting payment to the winners of the Binding contest is coming up. Last time there was a conflict situation when one of the winners handed over the work on the last day and was outraged by the fact he was not paid.

Alexander Anazarov believes that on the one hand he is right, but if a few developers submit work at the very last moment, difficulties will arise:

We need several days to check the commits, and then the vesting payment will be automatically shifted to a later date. And there will be a different reaction, where we will have to explain the reasons for the delay.

This time, the winners were warned a few days in advance about the need to make commits. The question is: how can we avoid such situations in the future? 

Ivan Kotelnikov suggested holding a small contest for the smart contracts development so that participants could publish their updates in DeBots, and the organizers checked them.

Ekaterina Pantaz noted that it is necessary to judge in accordance with the conditions of the contest. If the winner did not support the release within a month, no vesting will be paid.

Sergey Tyurin put forward his own version: for each future contest, to create a repository in GitHub for all participants with key write access. Upon completion of accepting applications, the repository will be available only in read mode. This will reduce the time spent searching for code and analyzing the participants’ work.

According to Ivan Kotelnikov, all applications should be accepted into a separate Free TON repository. Because the participants can close theirs at any time, and everything that was previously available to the community will cease to be so. Therefore, the process should be controlled by the responsible community organizers.

Ivan Kotelnikov expressed his desire to participate in supporting such a repository, including accepting pool requests, developing deadlines. It will be possible to upload the works of not only future contests to this repository, but also the past ones. Ivan invited everyone to join him to help create such a repository.

And now it will be ruled by…

Alexander Anazarov recalled that at one of the previous meetups, Alexey Novikov proposed to create a certain sequence of activities of initiative Dev Ex SG members. The promised instruction on conduct and responsibilities is ready. And so far, the “reins of government” have been delivered to Alexei Novikov for a period of about one month. During this time, according to Alexander Nazarov, one can fully get involved and understand the specifics of the tasks.