Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    Free TON, DevEx, Meetup

    Zero-Knowledge Voting Protocol Implementation contest proposal discussion, the transition of to groth16 nodes, and the DeNS distributed smart contract name management system.

    Zero-Knowledge Voting Protocol Implementation Contest Proposal Discussion

    A number of questions arose while studying the proposal. Mikhail Komarov explains the following terms:

    • Technical support. In large-scale voting, technical support is always people: they register voters, keep records, and provide the voting interface.
    • Non-malleable ballot box. This is a protocol requirement. Unnecessary voices, vote theft and content modification must be eliminated.
    • Integral public bulletin board. The voter list must remain permanent. Voting results are hidden. There must be a “gap” between the public key and the voter’s vote, so that it would be impossible to understand how a particular public key voted. After the voting is over, the decryption can be collegial, but it should be based on the election officials, so that at the end there would be an opportunity to perform the procedure of publishing the results.

    Sergey Tyurin suggests reformulating the above points of the requirements to make them more obvious to the participants.

    The transition of to nodes with groth16

    Mikhail Komarov wonders why rust-node is unstable, provided that the C ++ nodes work. Mitya Goroshevsky advised to update the version of rust-node for stability, as it is constantly changing, and suggested contacting Artem Ryabov to solve problems with rust-node.

    Alex Novikov proposed to launch a contest with a reward for supporting nil and fld networks, and to divide the prize depending on which network is more stable. The participants supported this idea.

    Distributed naming system for smart contracts in Free TON / DeNS

    The team has been working on this issue for two weeks. Alex Novikov disagrees that the wallet address is required for voting. Sergey Tyurin explains that the wallet is needed to transfer TIP-3 tokens. Participants concluded that, at this point, public keys are sufficient for voting. However, they will still have to revote, since Mitya Goroshevsky was not included in the previous stage of voting.