Wed. Jul 28th, 2021
    Free TON, DevEx, DeNS, SMV

    At this meetup, they discussed how to distribute prizes to the three winners of the DeNS contest in a non-standard situation, whether the judges of the jury have difficulties with the limited comment line length on the works, is the SMV application ready to launch, and also talked about implementing DeNS and the required improvements to works of winners.

    DeNS Contest Winners Reward

    There was a non-standard situation in the DeNS contest when four out of five judges gave marks, one abstained and it turned out that all three winners received the same number of points (8.75 each). A dilemma arose: how to get out of the situation, so as not to underestimate or overestimate the prize, without offending the participants.

    Mitja offered to split the prize pool equally among the three winners, which was accepted without objection by the participants of the meetup. As a result, they decided to allocate the number of TONs equal to the arithmetic mean: (50,000 + 40,000 + 30,000) / 3 = 40,000.

    The Difficulties of Commentaries

    On the agenda is the question of whether the limitation of the line length inconveniences the jury members for commenting on the submitted materials, and whether it is possible to increase the number of characters without negative reflection elsewhere in the system.

    “It’s good when you can read a detailed commentary in reviews of works,” says anazarov79, “but because of the line limitation, it is not always convenient to express everything that you would like in such a short form. The judges do not have the opportunity to post their vision in a more detailed form, the comments are dry and in a general form. And this provides a loophole for shallow assessment”.

    Pavel P explained it is possible to increase the number of characters with no problems — by making some changes to the smart contract. But this is for later, since they have not yet deployed the current one. They need to find a volunteer — an initiative person. At the time of the meetup, everyone was busy with more important things. They decided not to overlook the issue and correct the situation soon.

    SMV Application: Is It Ready to Launch?

    Anazarov79 noted that the last vote for the launch of the contest was not smooth enough and they would like to avoid such an inconvenience in the future when people forget to vote and contests need to be run again. The question arose whether the SMV application is ready to launch.

    Mitja noted the RSquad team developed the system, and they also redid the DeBots in smart contracts, respectively, they should work in TON Surf, so nothing prevents them from using them. On the call on April 2, a system presentation was supposed to take place, where you can listen to information and understand how everything works. At the same time, Mitja believes SMV can already be used for voting.

    DeNS Implementation

    Pavel P is interested in how the DeNS implementation process will look like: what is the consensus within the community, the address. “Probably, if there will be 10 DeNS — this is decentralization, but not very convenient,” believes Pavel P. “Therefore, we need to launch one DeNS and consider that it is a consensus decision for everyone so that everyone will finally use this DeNS for resolving”.

    Mitja believes the process should begin with the launch of an auction for the sale of DeNS domains. At the same time, there are three winners of the contest, and none of the prize solutions is perfect, all need improvements on the comments.

    We will analyze the work, make a list of improvements. After that, we need to launch a contest to ultimately choose one solution that will be deployed to production. Mitja

    Pavel P proposed to do this as the second stage, where it should be noted that only winners of the first stage can be admitted. Participants must offer a launch procedure, but without specifying the set code.

    There was a suggestion that it would be nice to allow not only winners to take part in the contest but also absolutely everyone. It is possible that someone will want to correct some comments, improve this or that solution, or maybe use the current version of the code to then start writing their material based on it. Thus, it is proposed not to limit the open-source principle.

    As a result, most participants voted to allow other teams to take part, which can either make improvements or write their own solution, but as soon as possible (within a week).

    Mitja summed up:

    “There are improvements that were not initially included in the contest. We are talking about preparing some very specific auction. Basically, there will be an emphasis on testing, the specific configuration of the contract…

    For me, this is a way of submitting this solution, not a contest. The contest is something else. You made a solution, we vote. But nobody did the production. If the judges voted for the work, did not make a rejection, it means that there was some kind of decision, there is vesting to support it. Then the community has the opportunity to take this decision, make any production, project, etc. on its basis. We are doing everything to support this system, and not to get any specific engineering tasks”.