Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    DevEx, Free TON

    Finalization of the HTTP Notification Service Contest proposal: goals and requirements, sequence of participants’ actions, reward distribution and future plans.

    The meeting participants discussed various approaches to creating interfaces and ultimately focused on the Notification Contest topic.

    HTTP Notification Service Contest

    The DevEx Subgovernance presented the final version of the # 37 HTTP Notification Provider Contest Proposal.

    At the moment, the Contest has already started and will run until October 16, 2021.

    The contestants were tasked with developing and implementing an HTTP Notification Module that provides the transmission of notifications over the HTTP protocol for interactive applications, online stores, IOT and other consumers. At the same time, the anonymity of blockchain users must be ensured.

    Queue Provider

    As part of the contest, participants must interact with the queue provider. This service is provided by TON Labs.

    For the contestants, a step-by-step instruction has been prepared on how to register in the queue.

    At the moment, a DeBot has been developed that allows users to subscribe to notifications. DeBot will send user-specified parameters to the Backend.

    With DeBot, you can set a filter by specifying which messages you want to receive and specifying the details of the notification provider you want to use. Thus, the participant registers their subscription with the queue provider, points their device to the notification provider, and starts receiving messages on their device.

    All queue data is encrypted. The notification provider simply has to take this data, match it with device details, and send it to the user. The provider does not know what it is sending.

    Use Case is Important

    The speakers of the meeting noted that it is important for the community to get a convenient solution that is attractive to users. Therefore, the work must include a use case — a product that jury members can test and evaluate.

    As a result, a requirement was added to the contest terms. It is necessary to provide an http server with some kind of user interface (telegram bot, web page, etc.) to test the http module operation.

    Award Distribution

    In order to attract and motivate participants, the contest prize fund and the number of winning places were increased. Now the contestants will receive awards in the amount of 1,000 TON for the Tenth place and up to 100,000 TON for the First one.

    100,000 TON is an impressive reward. The community has a right to expect decent results from the winners. It was decided that the award over 10,000 TON will be paid as follows: half — at the end of the contest, and half — in equal parts within 12 months (vesting).

    As for the awards up to 10,000 TON, they will be paid immediately after the end of the contest.

    Other Notification Service Contests

    In the near future, the DevEx Subgovernance plans to launch two more competitions related to the Notification Service. One of them will be about push notifications for Apple and Android. The other will be for email.