Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    DevEx, Free TON

    The preparation of the HTTP notifications contest is almost complete. The initiators clarified the Use Cases, the architecture of the service and its anonymity. A new direction is on the way – Free TON Whitepaper contests.

    Notification Service Contest

    The DevEx Subgovernance has placed a proposal for HTTP Notification Provider Contest. Its purpose is to develop and implement an HTTP notification module of Free TON blockchain events for external applications and services.

    The proposal is the result of discussion at previous meetings: # 42, # 43, # 44.

    Notification Service Use Case

    The initiators believe that a variety of HTTP clients can be consumers of the notification service.

    For example, online store service. They can subscribe to notifications of internal blockchain events that relate to the transfer of funds for purchases. In other words, by subscribing to notifications, they will be able to find out when their wallet received a payment from another wallet. When they subscribe to the notification service, they indicate which URL they want to receive messages to. It is the HTTP module that must provide the receipt of these messages to the customer’s address.

    This notification module is an example of a service that facilitates interaction with the blockchain. It will help Free TON get closer to developers of simple software products and attract them to use blockchain solutions.

    Solution Architecture

    The notification system consists of different parts. In particular, these are interactions between the queue service and the notification service. Therefore, although only the second part is a subject of the current contest, the participants should have an idea of the whole picture. They need to understand how their solution will interact with other elements of the system.

    About Queue Service

    WHAT to send is up to the queue provider. WHERE is decided by the notification provider.

    At the moment, the queue service for the Free TON blockchain is implemented by the TON Labs team. They are using Kafka.

    In the future, it is planned to hold a contest for queue providers. The Free TON community is interested in solutions that allow parsing blocks on a node and deliver events to a queue even faster.

    TON Labs will take part in such a contest along with other teams.

    About Notification Service

    As part of the current contest proposal, it is necessary to develop a module that will take the data already collected from the blockchain by the TON Labs service and send it to the end consumer.

    It is required to develop a web server that accepts API requests to receive notifications from HTTP clients and notifies them using the HTTP protocol.

    The scalability of the solution is important. We need an implementation suitable for a large number of accounts and use cases.

    Perhaps in the future there will be a contest for the implementation of filters for requested messages. But for now, you only need to focus on the process of getting messages from the queue and delivering notifications to the client.

    About Anonymity

    What about ensuring the data anonymity in the notification system?

    First, the queue provider and the notification provider do not have to belong to the same person, but represent different parties – unrelated participants.

    Secondly, the queue service does not store data about where notifications are sent, and the notification provider does not know anything about the events it sends – they are all encrypted. The HHTP notification module sends an encrypted message or message ID to the requested address.

    Judging and Rewards

    The proposal specifies the criteria by which the jury members will check and evaluate the submissions.

    Initially, only three prizes were offered. However, the speakers at the meeting noted that in order to motivate the contestants, it is necessary to increase the number of places for which participants can get rewards.

    Free TON Whitepaper Contest Ideas

    The participants discussed the possibilities for implementing the solutions contained in the Free TON Whitepaper, a document that was recently presented to the community and a wide audience.

    The DevEx Subgovernance welcomes ideas and suggestions along this line.