Sat. Jan 1st, 2022
    DevEx, Free TON, Meetup

    Debates on the issue of software compatibility, proposals for blockchain games, challenges in their development and the importance of implementing cryptographic methods on Free TON.

    Compatibility Issue

    In Free TON, various decentralized web applications have their own browser extensions. Developers and companies, competing with each other, offer their options for the implementation of similar software products. For example, the diversity in the implementation of the TIP-3 token standard leads to incompatibility of web extensions with those applications that do not support the required standard.

    Thus, an approach that helps developers to find better solutions can create user-level problems. To access different software products, the user has to install several extensions. For example, if you want to use SVOI.DEV, Broxus or other products, you will need different extensions to work in the browser.

    This Free TON feature is especially striking for new blockchain users and partners. This, for example, was mentioned by Pavel Muntyan in his interview about Freeland and Free TON integration.

    The participants tried to find solutions to the problem. One of the suggested ideas was to create a JS module that could interact with all extensions — a common interface for web extensions. However, during the discussion, it turned out that the creation of a standard for smart contracts and various programs with the same API is inappropriate. At the very least, this approach is not scalable. The fact is that the variety of software products comes from their functionality and therefore there are different APIs. So the only way to standardize is to use debot.

    Notification Contests

    The DevEx Governance continues to develop contests related to the notification system.

    The main idea was presented at meeting # 42. The architecture of the solution was discussed at meeting # 43.

    At the moment, there are several proposals that are posted for consideration on the Free TON forum:

    Notification service №1
    Notification service №2

    Speaking about the Notification service contest, Pavel Prigolovko reminded everyone that people who put forward contest proposals, which the community then approved, receive rewards.

    Developing contest proposals is profitable.

    Blockchain Games

    What about entertainment? The gaming industry is mastering blockchain technologies. Today, the Top Blockchain Games include a wide variety of options.

    Games on the Free TON platform are an interesting opportunity to test complex solutions on entertainment content.

    The participants proposed several options for simple games that could be implemented in the near future.

    Text Adventure

    This is a game that has a situation similar to the text adventure game. For example, there are seven possible ways to win. Every first person who wins in each of the ways will receive a prize NFT object.

    However, a problem arises when using a decentralized approach. This type of game is subject to Brute-force attacks. A way to defend against it would be to require payment every time a player starts a round. So the next stage becomes known only if the players have proven that they paid a certain fee.

    The participants discussed ways to solve the problem. For example, by receiving an external confirmation of the time of actions in the blockchain. In the end, they focused on the ZKP cryptographic method.


    A game similar to the well-known Battleship or Sea Battle, in which there is a map with the positions of the players and you need to guess their location.

    Poker Smart Contract

    It is possible to create a Poker Smart Contract using ZKP, which will strengthen the rules of poker against fraud and increase the level of reliability and trust.

    Poker between unknown participants in the blockchain.

    Cryptography in Free TON

    On the example of games, the high need for Free TON in cryptography has become especially noticeable. This is necessary to create products for popular use cases and further platform development.

    At the moment, the community is undergoing the final stage of the Groth16 zkSNARK verification contest.

    The mechanism is not integrated and Debots do not support ZKP yet. It is necessary to support cryptography in TVM at the node level, so that it can be used in smart contracts.

    Participants are looking forward to the work of the newly created Cryptography Subgovernance  and collaboration with it.

    Indeed, in addition to solutions such as Groth16, there are other promising ZKP constructs in this area that the community will have to study and use in TON OS.