Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
    DeFi, Free TON, Meetup

    Contest Updates

    Two contest payments were made: FreeTON DEX Implementation (Stage 2) and FreeTON Self-Sovereign Identity Framework (Stage 1).

    TON Crystal Wallet — Free TON Wallet by Broxus

    The wallet has been significantly improved. It now supports multisig, multiple accounts and multiple keys. Minor bugs have already been found in the wallet. Vladislav asks everyone to report them.

    Governance 2.0 Tokens

    Vladislav will make a proposal specifying the active members. Tokens will be distributed among them in the Governance 2.0 interface for voting.

    New Giver wallet address

    After Nimrod left the DeFi subgovernance, the team considered the idea of creating their own address for DeFi giver. Vladislav expressed the hope that they could “migrate” all funds to a new giver’s wallet, with a new set of custodians.

    Pavel Prigolovko discussed the issue with Roman. The latter promised to create instructions soon. Now they are waiting for the list of approved public keys from the SG. After that, the process will be launched.

    Crystal Handshake Program

    The first Crystal Handshake pool has started. This will be one of the NFT projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. There are thousands of projects in Ethereum that are trying to attract liquidity to the ecosystem. In Free TON, there are currently no such projects. The team starts working with those projects that meet the following hard criteria:

    • Project that covers the first round. The first round should contain lock up and vesting period;
    • No free flow to the market;
    • Project must supply liquidity in its tokens for the pool and supply liquidity for yield farming.

    Vladislav reminded that the number of participants is limited to five.

    Free TON DEX implementation contest. Draft of the third stage

    The team prepared a draft of the third stage of the Free TON DEX implementation contest, outlining the contest deadlines and criteria. They tried to make the conditions as flexible as possible.

    • Perhaps there is a need to standardize the voting process?

    Some subgovernments already use this approach. If juries have any problems with voting, why not?

    Vladislav points out the disadvantages of this idea, since some juries may use their own voting system. 

    Alex Novikov fully supported the proposal to standardize the process.

    Self-Sovereign Identity Contest

    The voting process for this contest is over. Vladimir Kanin says it is necessary to contact all the participants and discuss plans with them. One team has already made such a request. 

    Ivan notes it is important to create a practical use case as quickly as possible.

    Vladislav says that SSI implementation is necessary to create higher level solutions. If Free TON is used by governments for SSI purposes, it will have a positive impact on the entire ecosystem.